Growing up in a joint family, our ladies in the house hardly went out for work, but then have seen few housewives earn money from home. They were home makers. Also they would do the little things to earn some money for themselves. Few things my mom and aunts did in the past were, cooking for events, growing and selling the vegetables, medical support to needy (not regular) etc. Actually, whenever they had time, they would get involved to help voluntarily or sometimes to earn those little pennies. Best thing was they never felt shy or embarrassed to do such jobs. But then it was not such an criteria, but today, every passing day, the Indian economy is getting tougher. The Indian economy appears to be following Moore’s law, rising inflation exponentially. Every decade that passes is doubling the prices of almost all. And in such a struggling environment, maintaining a family with the income of only one family member is becoming struggling. Also, it’s commonly said,’the more you earn, the happier you can live.’ So homemakers in India need to start making money, not only to become independent but also to help their families.

There are many work opportunities available (both online and offline) that can be managed from home. Still, not many Indian homemakers are aware of all these opportunities to make money from the comfort of home. The housewives only need to choose the right work for them to make some extra money, depending on their level of comfort.

Here’s a list of some of the ways housewives earn money from home:

Selling handmade products online

In Mangalore, we have few ladies who join together, make a group called as “Sangha”. Basically like ladies club. All the ladies unite at one place and work towards the betterment plans, in terms of homes, savings, helping neighborhood, etc. These clubs are a sort of women development programs, which are also, supported by few political parties, Government banks etc. These groups are given some special benefits like, financial support to build house, education, small scale business etc. Easy repayment plans are provided so they can pay off at ease with much lower interest etc.

Through this group ladies join to prepare home selling products, like pickles, bakery snacks, candle making business, jewellery business etc

If you have the talent, selling your handmade items online will make thousands of rupees. If you are good at painting, you can make and sell paintings. Also, you can make wall hangings, rope bowls; sew pillow covers with various funny patterns, and variations of colors. Further, you can also make wooden pallets or coasters with pallet painting that is simple and looks very fine. You can also render branded tote bags. There are countless things at home that you can plan and sell. Yet here the biggest challenge facing most of India’s housewives is how to market their handmade goods.

There are several websites like eBay, Art Fire, Amazon, and so on, where you can sell your goods quickly. After a while, when you’ve developed yourself somewhat in the market, then you can create your website and use online ads to increase traffic.


Who doesn’t love home-cooked meals? Home-cooked food has always been preferred by bachelors, single working people, and the elderly as opposed to food ordered from hotels. And if you have excellent culinary skills and can make delicious, high-quality food, then there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. Either you can opt for the dabbawala network, or you can sell your food on websites.

There are lot of Paying guests, or employee in and around who cannot afford to cook 3 meals, and who dont mind paying little to get meals arranged

Now, if you start supplying these people with home-cooked food by having an order from just one company, then your orders will continue to increase by just word of mouth.

Writing blogs, content writing, etc

You have writing skills you can use it to sell it to the people who own the websites, companies who in return will pay you for the work done.

By sitting comfortably at your home, you can write articles for some magazines or newspapers. Many such writing opportunities offer an average of 1000 Rs per article to a writer. This revenue will be further improved by focusing on the content of the papers you write about, the company about which you compose.

Become home tutor

Home tutoring is one of the easiest ways to help homemakers raise extra income. If you have a strong relationship with the kids and are fond of teaching, then you can earn money by teaching other kids. Many parents are working these days, so they don’t get enough time to spend with their kids and teach their kids themselves.

Their children certainly need a private tutor. You will volunteer to teach their kids here. No particular expertise or knowledge is required. You only need to have a certificate of education or degree in that subject, and you can quickly start marketing. For publicity, place posters near your locality or insert pamphlets in your newspaper.

If you are a homemaker, do not waste your time; instead utilize it by doing something productive. Trust me, these days; homemakers are earning more by following their passion just by sitting at home.


The latest most trending concept is blogger / influencer. Yes, this is the most challenging but surely interesting way to earn some pocket money but also be a part of amazing social media. There are zillions of influencers who are not only earning money via promoting various brands but also enjoying some freebies that they receive from the brands. The way few influencers manage the home, kids, and their social media platforms is just way too amazing. From writing food reviews, to product reviews you see the women doing exceptionally well in today’s time.

Well, they say where there is a will there is a way. So for today’s generation, if anyone wants to earn money, they need not go far. Be it single or even housewives earn money from home. It will not happen overnight but surely with time you will have it there. Most important thing required for a housewife is the SUPPORT from her husband and her family members.

Which other ways do you think can housewives earn money from home?

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