Everyone off late has been suggesting stopping usage of plastics, as it is harmful for the nature. I think plastics have become an integral part of our life.  Because of plastics, our life has become quite easy and budget friendly.

I decided to give a look on the usage of plastics that is used in my day to day life; I was surprised that we use plastics more than normal. When I say normal, I mean if i have to compare my time when I was living with my grandparents, I surely know there was no so much of usage of plastic.


Reduce plastics

Now, from morning holding my phone with this swanky cover, to my bathroom filled with plastics like my toothbrush, soap dish, my creams, soaps covers, dustbin, shampoos etc.

Then to kitchen from the various provision containers to grocery stuff packaging, to utensils. Also in form of toys, plant pots, home decors, table covers etc.

Overall, can say more than 70% plastic is used in a day in my house.

But is plastic really bad is what I am trying to figure out. Here are few of the pros and cons that I have figured out.

Packaging and Plastics

Plastics are light weight, strong and we can carry our items in plastic bags easily. Plastics are ideal material for carrying any item because of its packaging material. Advances in plastic innovation have made plastic bundling increasingly proficient: the normal bundling weight for an item has been decreased more than 28 percent in the most recent decade. Plastic bundling is helpful for buyers: clear plastic gives customers a chance to see the thing they are obtaining and plastic packaging is easy to open.


Reduce Plastic

Plastics in jugs and coolers enable us to take sustenance and beverages with us anyplace. Plastics in versatile electronic gadgets let us get to the Internet or speak with family and companions in a hurry.

Wondering how we can get milk these days, coz previously, that’s some years back, i knew they would sell milk in big milk cans, while now its tetra packed or is plastic packaged.

Plastics in Sports

Plastics are used in sports materials and without plastics some of sports materials are impossible to develop. Mouth guards decrease damage to the teeth, jaw, and mouth during impacts and plastic froth cushions secure players’ shoulders, hips, tailbones, knees, and thighs from damage. Plastic froth cushions down and separation markers in football and froth wrapped goal lines shield players from damage during unplanned impacts. Plastic has numerous different uses in games—from tennis players’ lightweight and solid rackets to shoreline volleyball’s injury nylon and plastic ball and sprinters’ stun retaining shoes.

Plastics in games players’ protective caps and cops’ bullet-proof vests guard them.

Plastics in Medicines

Plastics are also used in making of medicines and to prevent medicines for long time. Plastic intravenous blood, liquid, and drug packs let social insurance laborers all the more effectively see doses and substitution needs. Plastic heart valves and knee and hip joints spare lives and make patients’ lives progressively agreeable. Plastic prostheses help amputees recover work and improve their personal satisfaction.Plastic catheters and inflatables enable specialists to open blocked veins and addition plastic vessel supports to keep them open and break up destructive stores.


Plastic in Medicines

Plastics in Electronics

Sometimes it is better to use plastics rather than iron or paper or anything. In electronic items/gadgets plastics are helpful and cheaper. Plastic protection for links and electrical hardware keeps gear cool and shields clients from over-warming. Family unit machines, from toasters to DVD players, utilize plastic to make them lightweight and moderate. The fluid crystalline plastics in LCD level screen TVs give lovely pictures and spare vitality, utilizing less control than conventional cathode beam cylinder screens. The touch screens on cell phones, PCs, and different hardware are made of polycarbonate film. The minor amplifiers in cell phones are made of polymers for their stun opposition. Handsets and earpieces are lighter and progressively agreeable due to plastics.



Plastics and Transportation

Since plastic is both lightweight and tough, it makes a perfect material for assembling autos, trucks, and different vehicles. Plastics make up 10% of the new vehicle’s all-out weight and more than 50 percent of their volume. Directing wheels, entryway liners, and stereo segments are made of plastic, as are less unmistakable parts, for example, motor segments. For each 10% decrease in weight, a vehicle or truck will spare five to seven percent in fuel utilization. The decrease in vehicle weight converts into a decrease in carbon dioxide discharges: each pound of vehicle weight that can be killed implies 25.3 pounds of carbon dioxide emanations are spared over the vehicle’s life.


Jute bags

Few Cons:

At the end of this article I would like to state that we cannot stop usage of Plastics, but surely can reduce.

  • But to stop using Plastic we need to see what will it be replaced with. Now if wood is an option that means, tree have to be cut for producing more stuff, which again goes against the environment. Same goes with the usage of papers.
  • By using Jute is an option, which can help farmers to grow more Jute plants. Again this comes under Government how they can help the farmers to increase the Jute Farming.
  • Next option is usage of Glass / ceramic – which needs to be carefully handled due to the fear of breaking.
  • Lastly, above stuff replacing plastic will be expensive. It might create a big hole in the common man’s life.


So I think we cannot change everything over night. Well point here is we need to reduce usage of regularly disposable items. Well, here are few suggestions and options how we can start.

  1. Replacement of use and throw dishes with steel or porcelain plates and cups.
  2. Good quality Jute / cotton hand bags
  3. Food packaging in steel Tiffin box
  4. Reduce food storage in plastic or microwave containers.
  5. Reduce bottled water packaging.
  6. Using papers for gift packaging.
  7. Using re-usable cups / plates etc
  8. Finally, i would suggest to use proper dust bins available to dump the plastics instead of throwing it on the ground, especially at beaches.

Also would suggest Government to place some plastic dumpsters in every corners, which then needs to be deposited in a crusher.


Plastic dustbins

Well from the crusher; hope someone can come up with some good ideas as to what can be done with the crushed plastics.

Well above are few pros and cons that I have jotted down about plastic usages, Going forward hope to make some more healthy changes.  I have not quit anything completely as of now, but will surely reduce using plastic.

Well this article is a must read : https://myplasticfreelife.com/plasticfreeguide/

Do share your comments and thoughts.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!