At workplace there are few good people while there are also tough people. Tough people are still ok but what if your boss is in that list? Yes, what if you are working with a manager who is unsupportive, difficult to deal with. What makes a bad manager? May be the power or due to his nature or EGO. Well I know if you have someone option is to change your job. But not always this choice can work. And in today’s world it surely is not that easy.

A bad manager can make your life miserable, destroy everything, be it career and mental peace.

How do you come to term or feel that you are with a bad manager – signs of a bad manager?

  • What if you had a meeting and the boss did not turn up? Yes, this can be a coincidence that he got stuck with other work. True, but he needs to inform. Ok, his battery got dead. Fine we take this. But what if this is the third incidence. Ahhh!!! OK let’s take this as first sign.
  • Your every email is read by him, very good. And you are being corrected for every little thing that should not be of concern. Ohhh yeahh, I can feel this, how annoying it can get. 2nd
  • Other teams are pouncing on your team, asked to do extra work. Voow this is good, they feel you are capable. But yes, we don’t have extra staff to add workload. And your boss has no say… NOOOOOO …. Totally can’t justify.
  • He says he is available to assist but not able to provide you with any suggestions as he feels it’s my duty to work it out or sort it.
  • There are places where I have been overlooked in terms of assigning projects to lower grade staff, even at some meetings.
  • Less humane – in terms, there is no consideration on personal space for staff. If a staff needs leave, that is declined or approved at last minute.
  • Missing on friendly environment – talks are limited to office work; no other activities are conducted. Missing from the desk means no work.

Well the list can go on. The above lists are from my experiences and few from my friend’s advice.

Now how to deal with it? Can can we get rid of bad boss situation? It can be stressful. But everything shall be fine. Majorly it’s about how you handle such situations. There is always an option to look out for another job. Keep doing it. No one stops you from it. But just don’t give up.

  1. Figure out your drawbacks and start working towards it. Why is your toxic boss targeting you? Expel in you work. Since technology is changing, you need to be updated. Remember that boss needs to have confident, smart staff than just data entry. So, upgrade your skills, take initiatives. Work on some self-improvement tips.
  1. Try to understand why your boss has problem? Or maybe that’s his nature. I knew when my new HR had joined, the reporting team found it difficult with her. She was shrewd. We were sympathizing the staff as we were listening to one part of the story. It was when we heard the other part of the story realized the performance what she expects from the staff considering the experience they have was not up to mark. She could find out mistakes in every work done as it showed the careless and doesn’t matter attitude. So, try to understand the loop holes and work on them. At times, someone correcting you or micro managing can be benefiting you for the long run.
  2. Don’t be disheartened of a job is not assigned to you. May be that’s a good thing so you have time to concentrate on yourself. Everyone deserves a chance. Don’t take things personal. However, you can give you input to the boss directly or the staff. You are always a part of the team. It may get challenging; in that case you don’t need to give your opinion unless asked. But remember one thing team work makes the dream work.
  3. Do support your manager when it comes work commitments. Boss has a reporting hierarchy. So, the conflicts you are having with your manager should not hamper his work, that will affect the team.
  4. Communicate – this is the key for anything you want, you have. There is an option where you can discuss with him your concerns.
  5. Handle situations diplomatically – means not to show you hatred or anger towards your boss in any given situation. As this could lead to a different situation. While you can share the conversation diplomatically with other concerned colleagues.

Bottom line remembers your boss is answerable, for himself and his team.  If you are working for a small company where you are directly reporting the owner of the business or the Boss, then it can be a bit challenging. But you can talk and try to sort the concern or understand their expectations from you.

But if its corporate world, then there are processes that can be followed. Please don’t go to HR for every little thing as this is surely not a good sign of an employee. But you can handle it diplomatically without hurting the EGO of your boss. Remember not be a part of ragging or bullying. So know your place and stand for it.

Its easy for others to suggest like why thinking of leaving the job cause of your boss, you show that you are more stronger and can handle things under any level, but its not that easy, unless you are mentally strong or that thick skin personality.

Honestly in my 11 years career I have reported to around 10+ managers whom I was reporting to. Well some were good, some were diplomatic, so i dont have boss stories to share as such.

At the end, it’s a pure choice, you want to work, this situation can come in any office. So, you have to be strong and be prepared.

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Have you ever dealt with a tough boss or worst boss ever or may be feel like you are still dealing? Do you have any such incidents that you want to share? Do write to us on

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