How Wayfair is Planning To Jump Into the VR E-Commerce Market


Wayfair is American furniture and home-goods e-commerce company which is also known as CSN Stores. The company offers a huge digital platform with 14 million items from more than 11,000 suppliers all around the globe. Undoubtedly Wayfair is rapidly expanding its business with time and soon it’ll include more tech advancements.

There was news about the company that broke out last week related to Wayfair’s lineup of its new offerings. It includes a couple of products and surprisingly VR tech as well. Everybody knows that installing such tech to assist home goods and furniture selling, can be tough. Though it’s something that ideally garners attention. Apart from the fact that VR technology is super expensive, it requires expertise also.

For setting up the whole VR gadgetry, Wayfair invested heftily. It is a smart move to make when the VR industry is helping businesses to grow. In this way, the company can target a lot of costumers and overcome obstacles in the e-commerce market. In the era where VR is not limited to the headsets, smartphones and other gadgets are eventually becoming more convenient. Among all other competitors in the market, Wayfair is the first one to launch VR tech in the market.

Why Wayfair wants to be prepared for future VR tech?

There is no doubt in accepting the fact that VR tech is taking over the market. Moreover, the tech is more functional when used for smart VR home designs. Because of the reason that Wayfair is a furniture and home goods retailer, it can do so much more than just installing VR.

The co-founder of Wayfair Steve Conine says that he feels like their offerings need to be updated and the best way to demonstrate them was by channeling it through the VR technology. He further said that it was important for them to make some changes and rather running behind the pack towards this tech, it was ideal to install it now.

Here are some experiments that the company made to develop and refine VR technology:

Patio Space: Patio space was the very first experiment that was made to test the compatibility with Wayfair’s products. It was carried out by a VR app called Patio Playground which was developed for the Oculus Rift 3-D gaming headset. This app was from one of the seven apps that are not focused on games.

It enabled them to experience a computer-generated environment where they can redesign, make adjustments and add more furniture in their virtual reality patio space. They were allowed to move their furniture to different corners and use a variety of products to see which one suits more. If you are thinking that was all that they can do then you are slightly mistaken. The experiment was worked well and let them use the tech to the fullest. The user could even bend down to see the bottom of the furniture or view it on a 360 angle to see it more carefully.

Steve said that the first experiment turned out pretty well and it seems like the latest tech will help people in improving their shopping experiences.

Other Spaces: Next comes the turn when the company experimented with their products by using another VR app for Google Inc.’s VR platform Daydream. Similar to the app ‘Patio Playground’, IdeaSpace was tested to add more adjustments in other rooms like the living area and kitchen space. Steve says the app was very powerful and it enabled them to experiment with their products in 10 different rooms. It allowed Wayfair to view their 75 products in a single room.

The application has user-friendly features that make it easier for the user to access product details within the app. For instance, you can view some information related to the manufacturer and customer reviews that can help you while making a decision. It’s also simple for users to add products in the shopping cart while viewing their specifications. The app has the ability to shift modes and tools according to the design in the user’s head and make adjustments that are required. It creates a beautiful scenario that looks more real and alluring.

A simple step to the future

After all the experimentation that was made with the 3D VR apps, Wayfair is also planning to launch a new AR feature in December. This feature is exclusively released for the customers of Wayfair where people can download the original app and embrace their shopping experience by previewing furniture and décor in their home before placing an order. It’s more like a 2D gaming app that allows bringing solutions to home.

There was an official press conference held by Steve Conine last month where he explained how things will get better in the future. He said the company is all set to launch more interactive apps in the market to assist people with shopping furniture.

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