The reason of writing this content, is when I happened to meet a friend after a long time say nearly after months, I was happy to see her. But she looked pale and not so energetic. While I did not realize anything as I was in my own zone as I was going out somewhere. We generally spoke for few minutes and l left from there. But then we happened to exchange few chats on Facebook, wherein she asked me if she could send me her resume. I was surprised. I said surely. When I got her resume. Her last job was 2 years back, from then she was struggling to find a job. Did not want to ask her and make her feel bad but had to understand her situation. But it was situational which made her leave the job but regrets for rejecting one-off offers she got during this time.

While I too had left my job as I wanted a break. But when I chose to come back, I was blessed and can say was lucky enough to get one.

So, here are few points to consider for quitting your job:

Few base reasons for quitting:

  • You don’t see any growth even after your hard work: working over the years, it gets monotonous, becomes a routine. You get idle as your creativity lapses. If you have been working hard, and are a deserving candidate meeting the criteria mentioned, surely you need to get that promotion. While if you feel, its bias or favoritism prevails then its surely time to move out.
  • If the firm is undergoing financial crisis: when you are aware of the company situation, majorly on financial grounds its surely time to move out.
  • If you are extremely underpaid or not paid for months: off late, there are many instances were staff has been underpaid or not paid for months due to the current business situations. Company’s payment terms with their clients are partly responsible. But the staff are relying on the paychecks for meeting their day to day needs. And if you are not able to get your pay checks on time, surely its time to move on.
  • Harassment or bullying: not a common practice but surely there are situations where you are being bullied, in terms of building extreme pressure, issuing warning letters for silly matters, building pressure levels and being a threat. Does not go long way, but surely, we don’t deserve it.
  • If you are asked to do illegal stuff: you are authorized for a document that you are not sure of, delivery of stuff without documentation etc. are few situations which means you are in trouble anytime. Being sincere to the company or owner does not mean to do what’s against the rule, as this can cost your life
  • If You are unhappy about your life overall: while everyone else thinks you are happy and lucky person you have a perfect life, you don’t have to go on their thinking. As I’m sure you know yourself better. I had everything I wanted, a job, good and timely paycheck, balanced life… but then I was not happy somewhere. Mostly I was feeling the monotonous job routine and peer pressure was too much. Well I did my homework and then chose to live the way I want it.
  • If you are satisfied and you feel its time for retirement: you have earned enough, your kids are settled, you are done with the commitments, financially settled then surely you need to take an exit from work life.I quit my job

Do your homework prior quitting: 

  • You already have a job ready: its difficult to get a job in today’s market, even if you get the expectations from each employer from their new joinee is very high. So, ensure you are prepared for this pressure.
  • You need a change: change is constant. But your change should not cost you a job. When I quit, I was clear of many things. Since I lived in UAE, I had thought on various grounds, like visa, my expenses, taking care of my parents. So, I was working on this for few months. Prepare for the change.
  • You don’t need a job:if you feel you are having your basic necessitates covered, you have it all you need then its perfectly fine to quit.
  • You are ready for struggle:Its ok if you are leaving the 9 – 5 job due to the various factors and you want to go with your passion. But be prepared for the worst especially If you are going to start something on your own.
  • Know the reason for quitting: not everyone will understand you. But you need to be clear why are you quitting, else surely you will regret your decision. Don’t quit a job using an excuse like you hate someone in your office or just that you did not meet a deadline for a project. Keep your ego away as much as you can.
  • You are financially sound for some time:quitting a job means no salary, missing on few perks like medical, some allowances, some facilities like may be Internet bills, travel claims, mobile phones etc. so prepare and plan for these items, especially month-end paychecks which help in settling a lot of personal expenses like rent, bills etc. Medical another important aspect.
  • Upgrading skills which can help you in changing or choosing a new career path: if you are quitting your job for further studies or to learn something additional that can add on, then its fine.I quit my job

While these are few of our basic pointers, which we think should be considered for quitting and not quitting any job. However, it would be purely on the individual as to what is running in his or her mind or the situation that is causing to take this step.

If quitting is a choice, then should be easy. However, if asked to quit, yes, then there is no choice.

We cannot do much but can support them in their decision.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!