What is Infatuation? As per the dictionary and Google the meaning is distraction. to be precise to be loving and to be loved. why this topic? I have a friend, who is dear and near to me. She is with this new air of love feeling. Sorry not sure if its love or just infatuation.

What’s love?

  • It’s a feeling where there are more mutual understandings, mutual confrontation, good understanding. Love is mostly two sided the girl and boy have the similar feelings for each other.
  • In love, imperfect is perfect.
  • Love is forever.

What’s infatuation?

  • Firstly, I’m sure it’s something do with your age, your thinking of attraction for the other person may be for his or her looks or the way he or she treats your or any pleasant behavior.
  • While Infatuation is possibly one sided.
  • The best thing about infatuation is that you are sure that the other person is your perfect match.
  • Infatuation is mostly short term fever.Infatuation Phase

Infatuation is getting carried away by toxic and addictive feeling, which happens mostly at the start of relationship.

It can be turned to a healthy relationship if both have same feelings. And can be a set example of true love, if carried further with dignity and reality.

How do you identify it’s an Infatuation?

  1. You are attracted to the other sex in first interaction.
  2. You always want to be with that person
  3. You want to find reasons to contact him or her.
  4. You try to seek false attentions with your silly action
  5. You decide that he is perfect in all sense
  6. You are anxious, hyper, sort of desperate.

Things involved when it is infatuation:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Urgency
  • Intensity
  • You take haste or risky decisions
  • High on sexual desires
  • Your emotions rule you

Things involved in love:

  • You behave immature just to gain attention
  • You work towards settling differences
  • You both are aware of each other’s feelings.
  • Your emotions are under your control
  • Dependency on each other.
  • You are aware of your surroundings.
  • Surely imperfect match mostly makes true love.

Very few people who are in this mode of infatuation can develop a long-term relationship. Since this happens during the schooling or during your collage age, so it need not associate with love. It would really take a toll on you to realize true love.

Having said this, it can turn into true love, if the person you are crazy about has the same feelings for you.

While there are zillion questions running around this concept. Few are as per below

Can you covert this to a true relationship?

If the other person is understanding, your situation in the first place, he or she needs to decide. If you think other person thinks the same way, yes surely this can be the best relationship.

What if you are working in the same office?

  • Firstly keep in mind, that the feelings that you have your crush might not be into it. Understand that this is the initial stage. Control your emotions, you are at your workplace. It can hamper both of your jobs.
  • Learn how to interact in an official manner.
  • Do not assume every expression of your crush to be a positive sign.
  • Don’t rush to join any hang outs after work, unless its a team plan.
  • Unnecessary emails, those missed calls, blank texts – try to avoid these.. I know its fun.. but not at work place for sure.
  • Remember you are not alone at work, so you will be watched by your other colleagues, change in your behaviour can lead to gossips for all the mouths.

Over the time, if things are moving ahead, you surely know it will work. But if there is no movement from the other party, dont mind, its better to give a full stop. Don’t be that sentimental fool, to harm yourself or spoil the others life. Coz its not worth it.

What if he is your friend? will this impact our existing friendship?

You know your relationship better, it is very easy to fall in love, coz those friendly talks, hangouts, being together for longer time, creates such emotions.

Overall, I would state that as I have stated in my other article, everyone should experience love and break-up before their 30’s, I think its okie as long as it is fun. As long as no one involves emotionally and can handle it as fun it sounds healthy.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!