When we see a silent person, we state he must be an introvert, same way a bubbly or talkative person is referred mostly as an extrovert. While I think, there are people with both these qualities. As a kid, it was difficult to call friends to play with us if they were not interactive. They were on our list but at the end of the list. As kids we could not identify, what and who is an introvert and extrovert. As we grew up, it was easy to identify. Though the introvert and extrovert relationship is so difficult but happens regularly.

Introvert and Extrovert Relationships

introvert vs extrovert relationshipsWe had a set meaning for introvert and extrovert. One who talks less is never much interactive among our groups was termed as an introvert. While the opposite of this bunch, who are talkative, active and energetic was termed as an extrovert.

Now, these kinds of people are surely there in all the groups. Like they say opposites attract, maybe it’s a result of the same.

But the funny thing is we judge the book most of the time by the cover, we also assume the person is introvert, just in case he talks less or doesn’t mingle easily. No, that’s not correct, as the person while at the first meeting may not be comfortable to be in his real form as it not the right way of introduction. Again if the group or batch of people surrounded is from his family, then maybe it’s a different situation.

When I had been to my sister’s house for an evening, there was a guy sitting who was her neighbor, she had mentioned about him earlier, that he is a married, silent guy. I met him for the first time and I had a mindset that he was in the category of introvert already. While discussing something we happened to touch some common topic, that’s it. I was surprised for his interaction, the way he spoke, surely made it clear he is not an introvert, but maybe the crowd he used to be with, did not speak anything relatable, or maybe he was forced to be part of the get-together where he had blocked himself from socializing.

Overall, identifying introvert and extrovert relationship at first glance is never possible. However, we have jotted down a few notes, on introverts vs extroverts as per below.

Introvert Meaning:

As a dictionary format introvert means a shy, reticent person. The definition of an introvert is someone who likes a quiet, stimulating environment and is an expressionless person. Introverts spend their time alone in the midst of socializing and find their strength in the midst of loneliness.

Extrovert Meaning:

Generally, extrovert means an outgoing, overtly expressive person. The definition of an extrovert is someone who is very outgoing, engaging with people and feeling comfortable sharing everything. They are intimately connected with everyone in society, find strength in the close proximity of others, and fear the loneliness.

Introvert Characteristics:

Introvert characteristicsCan’t make Friends Easily: Being less talkative, mingling less with groups, make them build friendships in a slower way.

Silent all Times: Standing in the corner in a group, looks lost most of the time.

They love their Time: reading books, listening to music, they even enjoy traveling alone.

Looks less energy: they may have the energy to lift a rock but surely does not show that way.

Limited Friends: But true forever.

Example for Introvert: Ranbir Kapoor or Bill Gates

Extrovert Characteristics:

  1. People consider extroverts as quite outspoken, loud.5. Extrovert characteristics
  2. Extroverts manage to make friendship easily anywhere.
  3. Easily face the crowd, in any situation. Especially in friends or family gatherings.
  4. Mostly get carried away, may regret not having enough control over ourselves, I mean, we just go with the flow and regret later.
  5. The major challenge of an extrovert, people expect us to be strong always, we are always happy in the eyes of few.
  6. Always a group show stopper, who can keep the group entertained.

Example for extrovert: Ranveer Singh or Bill Clinton.

Let’s Try Something about Introverts Vs Extroverts

When he/she has a crush on someone (the initial stages of crash)

Introvert: No one knows. Maybe it’s with himself most of the time.

Extrovert: It’s shared with friends, surely most of them would know.

How about watching a movie?

Introvert: Maybe he/she would choose to download and watch or prefer to watch alone.

Extrovert: surely it’s a sure shot plan to watch in the theater.

Event or for a family function8. How introvert and extrovert can get together

Introvert: Surely very busy on that day, has a lot of excuses.

Extrovert: can be the party show-stopper; make the party add more colors with the fun.

At a party

Introvert: Stands in a corner, wants to exit the party. No one is sure if he or she is enjoying or not.

Extrovert: the last one to leave or will stay over maybe. Surely has the most fun time.

What is happening in their life?

Introvert: Secret Should be a topper, yet does not show off.

Extrovert: you know it all at least most of the times.

Do try the test, to help you to understand your personality. Not accurate but can give some idea.

Can an Introvert and Extrovert be in a Relationship?

introvert and extrovert relationship problemsThere may be a relationship between both the introvert and the extrovert. There is no way to be sure of one’s character before the relationship, and the relationship becomes naturally. Introverts or extroverts are not prohibited; it is the nature of expression.

Certainly, Introvert extrovert relationship conflict is normal, because both are different nature. The most important of these two types of relationships is understanding and adapting. So, at one point in the relationship, the two characteristics move forward in a natural way. Because the relationship means to adapt and understand with each other.

How Introvert and Extrovert can get Together?

Introverts or extroverts are not a crime, so they can get together. The relationship is a valuable element in human life. It is important for both, not to break it rather save it. So, there are some essential tips to maintain a strong relationship between introvert or extrovert.

  • Be patient and try to understand each other’scan introverts and extroverts have a successful relationship
  • Respect both characteristics
  • Do not avoid rather keep close
  • Ask to know and discuss widely
  • Make quality time
  • Consider each other’s limitations.
  • Compromise for relationship
  • Attend gathering and increase sharing
  • Help to overcome
  • Study relevant articles and if need discuss with experts

There are also other two categories called Ambivert and Omnivert, who are both in between introvert and extrovert.

Overall, every individual have the introvert and extrovert qualities in them. It’s not easy to identify at the first meeting, surely over the few meetings, interactions, surely can identify. From my point of view, if you are of a friendly nature, then everyone can be your friend, and it doesn’t matter if he or she is an introvert or extrovert, you will surely make them to your level.

Having a combination of intro and extro in your group can surely balance the group. Well if you have an intro and still is a good friend of yours, you have him as your friend for your lifetime.

I’m surely having both the qualities of intro and extro, as I speak a lot, and also need some silence at times. I’m a party person, while there are times I have lot of excuses as well.

What do you think you are, an INTROVERT or an EXTROVERT? Do share with us.

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