iPhone 11 Review – Where to Buy in Australia?


The best Apple smartphones I’ve encountered with so far is the company’s latest and greatest iPhone devices of 2019, available in a fruity collection of colors with state-of-the-art features onboard. This year’s lineup includes standard iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Aside from super-expensive 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, a standard iPhone 11 Price in Australia is significantly cheaper, and it’s too easy for budget-conscious buyers like me to enjoy Apple’s latest phone. I have been using iPhone 11 for 20 days, and I’m very well impressed.


Frankly speaking, it’s not a slim smartphone, but it has a tremendous improvement over already released iPhone devices like iPhone 8. The back, however, is unchanged from 2018 as it looks a lot like iPhone XR, despite its square-camera module. The most disappointing part for me was its wide-notch that carries TrueDepth camera and Face ID as other brands have adopted the next level technology such as all-screen front or pop-up camera mechanisms.

It feels substantial and not as slippery as expected, even with its glossy glass back. Obviously, it’s not as durable as iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s not that bad as far as price is concerned. One thing I have always appreciated about iPhones is its clean design without any pointless text-based branding like others.

iPhone 11


Though it doesn’t benefit from OLED and totes an LCD Panel, it’s a pretty big deal for me as I have a habit of editing videos and consuming a huge amount of media. The LCD panel even doesn’t matter at all when it comes to playing games, emailing, or sending messages to my loved ones via WhatsApp. The 6.1” display is bright enough with a maximum resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels and with good viewing angles to take my enjoyment to the next level.

Source – macworld.com


Making a long story short, a 12MP primary camera outback is the same as the primary lens of iPhone 11 Pro, but there are numerous improvements like 3x faster autofocus, better low-light images, Smart HDR and semantic Rendering, of course. The next 12MP ultra-wide camera is just fine, and I wish Apple did some extra work to improve it even more. The distortion, however, isn’t irritated, but captured images didn’t go the extra mile. To cut it short, the overall quality of captured images through an ultra-wide lens is good enough as compared to Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Source – theverge.com

Fantastic Performance

Here is where the iPhone 11 shines tremendously. Thanks to the company’s latest A13 Bionic Chipset and 4GB of RAM, everything, i.e., playing games, working on different apps, and switching between apps, is super-fast and glitch-free. I have launched every app in a jiffy and scrolled through my Instagram and Twitter account smoothly without any issue.

Storage-wise, Apple should stop making phones with 64GB and set 128GB as default storage or start offering a microSD card slot. Agreed? The 64GB variant, however, is more than enough for me as I am not a kind of heavy user and don’t keep loads and loads of apps and data on the phone, but it’s not the same case with everyone.


The 3110mAh battery takes me throughout the day with easy with casual usage. I have ended my many workdays with approx. 35% juice in the tank by 6 P.M. My medium usage includes capturing photos, watching a YouTube, texting to my dearest, browsing the web, and playing games for a short period just to get refreshed. Apple has claimed that it can last more than an hour over an iPhone XR, which sounds like a great battery. With extensive use, on the other hand, a user should expect to charge it before going to bed.

Where to Buy Conveniently?

It’s not deniable that smart price comparison of anything makes our buying convenient and hassle-free whether we need an iPhone 11 or anything else. I have got my iPhone 11 not only at the lowest possible price from a well-recognized Compare Price Engine site Paylessdeal but also a prompt discount. This site has even been founded better as compared to plentiful other price comparison sites, such as Shopbot and GetPrice. It enabled me to compare my desired phone’s prices from almost all major stores across Australia, including Amazon, Kogan, and JB Hi-Fi.



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