It’s not money that raises vibrant vibes within you. Instead, its that luxurious feel that brings a smile of satisfaction on your face. One such outstanding brand which misses no chance to make the client go crazy about their existence is Apple. People who find their universe in apple devices are present all over the world.

The sleek design and the jaw-dropping performance is what they are known for. Apple is into building iPhone, iPads, laptops, TV, and watches. They are so much precise about their design, which makes them shine out of the crowd. Whenever an iPhone is on the verge of getting released, then the hype is blown in every brain of an apple fan.

That is such a unique experience because they somehow manage to surprise you with their gadgets. Currently, the latest iPhone is iPhone 11 covers. People are just trying to explore all the features, but Apple is all set to explode a new bomb of excitement. Apple will soon be releasing its latest iPhone that is iPhone 12. Let dig into the features it will be loaded with.

1. Network

When it comes to dealing with such a giant machine in terms of performance, then how can the speed of the system be slow? iPhone 12 will offer the fastest network that is 5G. The number of models that will be released will be 3.

2. Battery and processor

Processer is very much linked with the battery. The processor that iPhone 12 comes up with is 5nm A14 Bionic processor. This is the most powerful processor that Apple has ever got. Its thrilling experience will make people feel wow, like always. The battery of the iPhone 12 will support a powerful battery that will charge the apple watch when brought close to it.

3. RAM

Ram happens to be the load capacity of a machine, and if it is strong, then you get an experience of multitasking. Right now there are times when a user accesses ten applications at the same time.

The response has to be rapid. iPhone 11 offers 6 GB of ram, and when it comes to apple then 6 GB is away significant amount to handle concurrent stuff.

4. Camera

In this modern world where everyone is fond of taking selfies. Not every person checks the ram, but everyone does ensure the quality of the picture it can capture. iPhone knows this thing by heart, and they include some new features and set up the competition in the market. iPhone 12 will consist of 3D lasered camera, which will capture some brilliant shots even at night. Yet the depth mode is also famous nowadays but has configured most excellently by Apple.

5. Display

The full-screen display is what we expect, and a super HD display is the toppings that Apple gives along with our expectations. iPhone 12 will be having a full-screen viewing and that too super duper responsive. If you are fond of movies, videos, and games, then hand over the thread of excitement to this masterpiece, which will be launched soon. Although it has high ram still offers high refresh rate so that it becomes extra guarded with any issue that you can come across while doing your work.


Apple has always been known as a status symbol. The reason it gets that name is the ease it provides. It’s easy to make the work challenging, but is that necessary when easy stuff can solve the purpose. The same happens with Apple; it has gain fame in the market by giving that ease to its customers rather than being complex like an android. The price they ask for their gadgets is a little high than any other brand’s device, but that’s worth it. The expected price for iPhone 12 would be 1.2 Lakh Indian rupees, and that is the case when you opt for 256 GB storage, but if your requirement for storage is less, then you will get it for approx 90k Indian rupees.

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Apple iPhone 12 would be like a change in the revolution of technology. Apple will release it soon, but you will get the full excitement vibes quickly through this description.