Do you celebrate your anniversaries? If NO, then you should start it. Rather it should be celebrated in a loud way than other celebrations. Be it one month anniversary or 25th anniversary wishes, celebrating needs no reason. Its not easy to get married, and then survive that marriage. Its not easy to be with a man and vice versa way for the man.

All my life, I have not seen my parents doing anything special, so they don’t have to share any such memories. But I had decided, whenever I get married, I will make every event of our life as much special as I can.

So, decided to make a list of things that can be done to enjoy your special day. Here we go!

  1. BAKE-A-CAKE: bake an anniversary cake. It sounds to be adding work, but surely will enjoy the hard work. Or order something different from usual. Like a bouquet cake or a theme cake.Enjoy your special day
  2. PLAN A STAY-CATION: pre-booking through various options like or Groupon deals etc. can add some extra fun on your special day.
  3. MOVIE NIGHT: Plan a nice movie, if you have a choice take the VIP Seats where you are provided with various options from rocking chairs to massage chairs (noise free) which can be adjusted as per your requirement. Most importantly the area you will be seated is spacious.
  4. LONG DRIVE: If you are planning a stay-cation, then this can be included. If not just plan a long drive may be after dinner. Cut your cake in the night, parking your car besides some nice place.Enjoy your special day
  5. ADVENTUROUS SPORTS: try some adventurous sports that you like. May be diving, kayaking or other water sports.
  6. PHOTO-SHOOT: how about some interesting photo-shoot. maybe you can try wearing your wedding day outfit or some pick some theme from funny characters to some movie characters.
  7. VISIT TO SOME SPECIAL PLACES: be it any charity homes, or old age homes. Spend time if you have it as an option. By doing this you can bring smile on those people, who will smile and bless you without any kind of expectation.
  8. BEACH TIME: after long driver, surely some beach time should be fun.
  9. SEEK BLESSINGS: its okie to be religious on this day. It’s just showing that you are thankful.
  10. ORDER JUNK: Now today is a treat day, so spoil yourself with your not so regular food routine. Like If I was given a choice
  11. WATCHING SUNRISE OR SUNSET: Camping can be an option, where you can watch the sunset or sunrise or may be both.


  1. PARTY AT HOME: you have your siblings; best friends invite them over. Do not need to call your entire group just a few very close ones, whom you can be comfortable with. Kind of get-together.
  2. DECORATE: Clean your house (you can hire cleaning services), re-do the homes, make it look beautiful.
  3. COOK FOOD OF YOUR CHOICE: if not interested in any of the above, then try this one. Surely this can be exciting and interesting. Watch and cook, grab your phone, and experiment your favorite recipe.
  4. HOME SPA SERVICES: this one can be presented as a gift to your better half, while at the same time both can relax and enjoy.
  5. ORDER ONE MEAL OF YOUR CHOICE: just the 2 of you, set the dinner table, with dim lights or candles, burn the aromatic candles, have your pets around (make sure they don’t create any havoc) don’t forget to use your perfume to add that extra fragrance to the room.
  6. GIFTING: now this is can be exciting equally stressful. But if you have an idea what your spouse needs then it will be better to choose that as a gift, also depends on your budget. But surely surprising with a gift can add that extra drizzle to the day.            Few gifting ideas  can be viewed by clicking the below link.

Don’t forget to click pictures for everything you do, as those moments will be frozen forever by doing so. You will surely relive the day, even after years and it can remind you how you celebrated it, remember and laugh together.

I know few will think, over the years, married life gets boring, but why think so, rather, try to make it more romantic, more memorable, enjoy your special day. It’s the relationship that will be there till the end.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!