Journey from Delhi to Agra


We had great fun during the Delhi to Agra tour package. We saw five tourist spots. We visited Qutub Minar, Chandni Chowk, Jantar Mantar, Akshardham, and Red Fort. We also had some toothsome dishes. We learned so many new things about the rulers of Delhi and gained knowledge. We took many pictures from the front and back camera both. So, it was all fun. Then we decided to move to Agra by road because we wished to see some more spots on the way.

The car driver was a good guide. He had great knowledge and command over history. So, he updated us with a couple of places that came on the way Delhi to Agra by car. He told us about Dr. NS Hardikar when we were on Dr. NS Hardikar Rd, Geeta Colony Bridge and River Yamuna, Dadri Wetlands, Noida, Taj Express, Rambagh Palace, etc. All these places were a part of our journey. For example, Dr. NS Hardikar Road, Geeta Colony Bridge, Noida Link Road, Dadri Main Road, Taj Express Highway, Ram Bagh Chouraha.

  • Let us talk about Dr. NS Hardikar first as it was the first road after we headed southwest. His full name is Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar. The road has been named after him because he was a freedom fighter. He founded Congress Seva Dal.

When we took left from Dr. NS Hardikar Road NH9, heading towards NH44; we exited to Geeta Colony Bridge. So, let us talk about Geeta Colony Bridge. It is the latest bridge, built in 2008. Around 2.2 lakh vehicles cross from the bridge.

Then we reached Noida Link Road. He told us about Noida there. One the journey we came to know the full form of Noida. It is the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. It is a planned city. Noida won ‘Best City in UP’ Award and ‘Best City in Housing in India’.

The next destination was Dadri Main Rd. Dadri is also in UP. It is on the largest route of Delhi-Howrah Section of Indian Railways. It is known for the wetlands and due to which Blackbuck and Nilgiri are here. It gets migratory birds from Siberia and Europe.

Then we reached Taj Express Highway. Taj Express travels from Delhi to Agra. By road, it took us almost 4 hours and Taj Express makes people reach in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Now it goes till Jhansi also.

The last one was Ram Bagh Chouraha where we came to know about Ram Bagh Palace. Ram Bagh is the oldest Mughal Garden to be built in India. It is made in Persian Style. It was made by Babur. It is also known as ‘Aram Bagh’. Babur was temporarily buried there before he was finally buried in Kabul.

There are 3 routes from Delhi to Agra: Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Express, Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Express, and NH19/NH44 and NH19/NH44. We chose the first one. So, it was a good decision to take Delhi to Agra by car and moreover, we were lucky to have such a guide with great knowledge.



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