Most of the women don’t know their skin type. But that the first and the most important step to affect skincare. I am really sure how you can easily figure out your skin type at home.


How to determine your skin type?

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Today we are gone start with the basics and that is determining your skin type. Understanding your skin type you should select the right product for your skincare and looking your best that is essentially three main skin types that you all know.

1. Oily
2. Dry
3. Combination of both

Confused about which category you fall into?

Most women miss diagnose themselves out wind up with wrong skin caring and products using the wrong skin care product which is not right. Your skin type can, in fact, to meet more skin problems aggravate the existing issues of your skin and definitely not take your skin to a better way. If we choose to go to a doctor and then she tells you about your skin type that’s probably the best can get. If not how can you then make an about what is your skin type and therefore what is the right product that you may choose to pick up? What you should do is to previous night wash your skin really well.

Image result for dry skinDo not use any skincare product or night care product. Go to bed without any artificial air conditioning. Wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is stretch your skin in the central zone which is your forehead, your nose, around the nose your chin which is commonly known as chin zone and then the T-zone which is the outer portion of your face. To then feel your skin to see if it is feeling oily or it is feeling very dry and sensitive. So if the tea zone feels very oily then you have a tea zone oily from oily skin we have a T-zone which is oily and the outer zone which is dry. It can be a pretty much abnormal skin. If you have a dry all over then it is dry skin. The second we are looking at is more visual so you pick up the mirror and then you figure out the central zone of your face has really wide from open pores does not look fresh looks a little darker then before and looks tired then you know it is more often oily skin or probably a skin which can easily get acne.

Image result for dry skin acne If your skin feels tightly stretched, fresh, well-rested, nice and smooth then you know you have either normal skin or probably a dry skin. If it feels sensitive, a little red little irritated and even little flaky at a few areas then you also know it as dry skin and or extremely dry skin, sensitive if it is redder. when you splash  first water on your face, if it burns and then you put day cream and then it further burns then you are within extreme dry skin, dehydrated and sensitive skin which needs extra care that’s simple so once you figure out your skin type it is essential to also realize that it may keep changing depending upon some factors.

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1. Health
2. Age
3. Temperature
4. Pollution
5. Smoking
And many other factors…

Don’t lock yourself and say like, now that I know this is my skin type So this will be skin type throughout my life. But, it keeps changing its important for you to know it is changing. When it is changing how you also change your skincare along with it.  Make sure you determine everything you want to know about your skin while knowing your skin type.

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