There was so much of excitement during Dec 2019, prepping, planning, wanting to get a new start for 2020. As we were just planning, 2020 already arrived. Celebrated the New Year with a bang. Whole lot of plans, goals, dreams.  Wanted everything to do be started in a new way. Wanted to attempt new things, to achieve new miles stones.last 3 months

As said, days are just flying. Time is not waiting for anyone, it’s become more precious. Have things changed? Are we working towards the plans and goals we planned.

Globally last 3 months have been totally crazy. From various Global issues from Australian Fire to the Pandemic sickness like CORONA has made life more miserable than one can imagine. CORONA is a nightmare, lock down in most of the countries. Fear, anxiety, frustration at the same time people have got a change from their stressful life. We hope things to get better during the coming months from all this. Life has changed, as the sickness especially in the month of March has taken toll on everyone’s life and all sorts of industries, worldwide. Schools are closed, Offices have become remote work stations, Malls have reduced open hours, Flights and travelling is reduced, People are asked not to go out and many more such things are going on.

It’s affecting everyone, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. This is about what happened globally.

Let’s see what has Queenbeeszone team doing for last 3 months.

We started 2020 with a bang, setting lot of goals, plans for future. Also had resigned from my last job which I worked for 6 months. At the same time, in Jan my father was hospitalized due to high sugar related issues. I had to visit him for moral support.

So here are few things that I did in last 3 months:

  • Travel visit to India to take care of my Mom & Dad while dad was hospitalized. It was tiring trip to manage home, hospital, parents, In-laws and my website. But proud in whatever I have done. But sadly my father lost one of his leg due to the diabetics after I returned back to UAE.
  • Had hired a business coach to take some direction on my website and my future plans in terms of business, which is on-going for some more time.
  • We had booked a trip to BAKU during Dec 2019, but couldn’t make it, so that trip was done in March 2020. One amazing trip.
  • Managed to get a job even in this tough market.
  • Binge watched a lot of movies, series on Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube.
  • Have been regular on Instagram for posting. Managed to increase the followers circle organically.
  • Website posting has been consistent 2 contents per week.
  • Tried hands on Mangalorean cooking.
  • Tried few Facial treatments – Carbon Peeling and Hydrochloric Facial.Helped in renovating my parent’s home also managed to pick some good plants for my home.
  • Mostly happy with the time spent with my husband, my 2 little pets, my friends and family.
  • Tried satvic movements – 3 day juice fast (though had to cheat as i was working)

There are few things, which I sadly could not follow or continue. As per below.

  • Fitness related: Dreaming of a slim body, weight loss, beautiful skin etc are only happening in my imaginary world. Still have not started on it.
  • Food control: Yes, have been eating untiringly, whatever is cooked or offered. Cravings have been at its peak.
  • Sleeping time is a mess. Hope to make it better once I’m back to work.
  • Start my YouTube Channel (will take another 6 months or more)

So here are few things that happened with in last 3 months: is the website that I created as a part of my dream, which I am passionate and proud of. I have been working hard every day towards it. From writing contents to managing website to managing various social media sites to have organic audiences it has been a challenge yet something that I love the most.

Over the span of 9 months has grown immensely.

  • Having page views of approx 8k roughly on a monthly basis for the website.
  • Instagram account has around 2.5k followers, do follow us.
  • Facebook has around 2k followers roughly.
    last 3 months

    Website total views for last 3 month

We are planning for more interactive plans, while trying to break some fears that have been stopping us from being more interactive.  We are thankful to our audiences on each platform who are supporting us with likes, loves, comments and shares. It means a lot to us.

They say everything has its own time. So I hope we have that time soon, so each one can work on their plans. I have few plans to for upcoming months, hoping to stick to it to achieve the kind of success I want.  It’s tough, difficult and competitive, but if you don’t attempt you will never know your strength, value and talent. So if you have set something for 2020 go for it. You will not get these days back. At the end of 2020 you need to be proud on your achievements. So we will keep you updated on our achievements for the rest of year. Wishing all good wishes to all for the rest of year 2020.  STAY SAFE, STAY HAPPY!!!


Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!