There was no Internet previously. How did people live then? Watching people In today’s century makes me wonder as if there is no life if there is no Internet. Be it Phone, at home or office, buses, coffee shop, you name it and internet coverage is all there. That’s when people don’t care much for relationships, be it with family or with friends. Also, whether it is about ordering for a product or service, or if we are looking for exclusive information about something, the internet has become incredibly user-friendly. But now imagine a situation where there is no internet. So what to do, if there is no internet? Will you be able to lead a normal life? If you want to survive in a situation where the internet is not available, you need to keep going through this post.

Read Books

Whether it is about grabbing knowledge or entertainment, you will always find books, a vast option to go with. So, if there is no internet access, you need to focus on reading books of your choice. It is often seen that most of the people couldn’t be able to read traditional printed books due to the internet. Most of the contemporary individuals prefer reading digital books on their phones or similar devices. So, when you notice that there is no internet access, you need to start unveiling the power of books.

Make Important Phone Calls

It is usually observed that most of the individuals simply avoid making calls due to the extraordinary use of the internet. So when there is no internet access, it is necessary for you to make a few important phone calls. There is no doubt that making phone calls to your clients or customers can help you boost your business.

Meeting Clients or Business Meetings

When you notice that there is no internet access, you need to get a few important business meetings arranged. You should attend a few business meetings to speed up your business. It is usually observed that most of the entrepreneurs simply ignore this point as they are busy using the internet. But when there is the internet, you aren’t supposed to focus on arranging business meetings. Here, I’m not talking about usual business meetings or briefings, but I am talking about getting meetings arranged with new clients.

Hone Your Skills

It is a fact that due to social networking sites and other internet-based services, we all tend to waste most of our time online. So, when there isn’t the internet, you can use the same spare time for honing your skills. If you want to be a successful individual, you first need to concentrate on honing your skills. It is usually observed that most of people simply get addicted to social media. So they don’t have time to work on their skill sets. so this the time when you can easily concentrate on increasing the level of skills.   

Be it anything, like cooking, gardening, spending time with your kids, family, pets, etc. Learning something that you are lacking by attending classes or working on yourself be it exercise.

Relax More

If you are still confused on what to do, you need to do nothing else but relax. So, if you don’t have internet access, you need to look at nowhere else but complete leisure. It is seen that most of the people don’t relax due to hectic professional lifestyle. Thus, when there is no proper internet access, you need to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

No, I’m not saying digital detox wherein you have to stay away from all your gadgets. I’m just saying to have a NO INTERNET day. I would say try to do it for a day in a week or maybe once in 10 or 15 days. Make a difference to yourself. Value your time.

We including my family honestly gave it a try. As we always order food online, for last few times we decided to order it by walking–into the restaurant, which gave us an option either we take it or eat it fresh there. More of all we did not take our phones for sure yes wallet was there with us. It felt nice.

Funny thing – I couldn’t post this article if there was no Internet!!! Use it wisely… Phewwww

It’s we who make life busy, while it may not be as busy as we think. Life keeps on going on the internet or not. But valuing relationships is equally important. Ask yourself, do you do that. If not make that change now.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bees!!!