All these years i was focused and working towards goals of my life, this year, i chose to work towards making a better life than ever before. When I first made a few resolutions to make those little changes, I had no idea whether I could be able to accomplish the same or not. But thank God! I could be able to grab whatever I planned. 2019 is certainly a great year of my life that has given me lots of desired things with crazy challenges. Here I will share those little things that I’ve changed in 2019.

Eliminated Negative Thinking

Yes, I always knew that negative thinking is the biggest hurdle when it comes to enjoying a successful and happy life. But despite of knowing the fact, I couldn’t be able to make changes to it. But when 2019 came, I decided to get rid of negative thinking. For this, I tried hard. However, during the initial days, I found it difficult to get rid of negative thinking, but very soon; I found it really interesting to eliminate negative thinking. Now, I am feeling really good about myself. I have filled my mind with positive thoughts. I just simply don’t want to get involved into negative thinking. This practice has changed my perception and thus life.

Limit My Contact list

Just like negative thinking, it is also necessary to get rid of negative people. last few years i have built quite many relationships, few have turned from strangers to best pals, however, not everyone takes efforts to stay connected. have decided to give some chances to myself to see if i get the response needed, accordingly have been updating by deleting few people from my contact list.

Clear Career Goal

2019 I was very sure I will have a twist in my career life, knowingly with good planning, I decided to get rid of career confusion. I ‘m working towards what makes me happy. So, can say finally in 2019, I decided to eliminate the dilemma regarding career.

Physical Fitness and Mental Peace

However, I have been always aware of the benefits of good health, but in 2019, I decided to achieve a few fitness goals by doing little changes in my lifestyle. I started doing yoga and basic physical exercises in order to keep myself active. Obviously, I never like to lead a life of obesity, but always wanted to be active. Moreover, this year, I’ve chosen to work towards to achieve this goal of mine.

While above are the most critical ones, there are some more little changes that I will be added to my routine.

  • Make a worth deed every time possible and keep a note.
  • Being Thankful each day.
  • Less judging
  • Had set a goal and working to achieve it.
  • Gaining knowledge by joining free groups, reading, watching videos etc, any forms.

While these are few for my better tomorrow, but are not limited to this. will surely keep on adding positive and doing little things that surely will add smile and keep me happy.

Do share the changes that you have set for this year 2019!

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!