This winter, out of many fun activities, we tried a unique place. surely one of the long-pending plans.

Always been a big fan of staycations, camping, and a lot of other activities when it comes to winter planning. Living in Dubai for years, we do have harsh summers, but winter is always our favorite. So we try to use the few winter months to the best possible. So this time, in Feb before summer could start, we planned our staycation, but it was not a normal hotel stay like we always do. It was a camping site, not the one that we regularly have, this was a bit different – A place called Longbeach Campground located at Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.

BM Hotel groups have utilized their property to create something magical. it’s called LONGBEACH CAMPGROUND. Plenty of tents, are set up around the beach area, giving the camping feel, beach fun, and a lot of activities to do while you stay there.

This resort has different options, surely a variety to choose from as per your requirement and budget. various tents like family tents, safari tents, dome tents, and deluxe tents are available. Each tent is provided with beds, water, and a few other basic amenities.

here’s my experience of my visit to Longbeach Campground, my reviews of this staycation, which is surely an amazing and different experience, and surely a worth it experience.

Longbeach Campground Longbeach Campground

Let me start.

We booked this hotel through the BMHOTEL RESORT website. (linked here) It was one night stay, we were a total of 5 (3 elders and 2 kids) so chose a family tent., the price was inclusive of breakfast. Since outside food is not permitted, we took the half board option as well. Prices and all details will be discussed upon arrival at the reception, and all the payments to be done at the property.

We drove From Dubai to Rak, we took 1 hr 15 mts.  Upon reaching the property, we parked our car, (free parking is available) all baggage is taken care of. Register all the members just like we do for all hotel staycations. The only difference here was they gave us a badge upon arrival, and it was compulsory to wear this badge on the hand throughout our stay, if missed needed to inform the reception and get the replacement accordingly.

The family tent is perfect for 4 adults and 2 kids. it’s spacious, it’s provided with good mattresses / Pillows. Our tent did not have AC it was provided with 2 fans. But since it was wintertime, it was pretty cold, so we did not use the fans. While the other dome tents do have AC.

Toilets are available at either end of the tents, which are clean and neat. Shower rooms are also available. basic toiletries + dental kits are provided.

Water bottles are provided as required.

Our plan was to experience camping, but we were surprised to know Longbeach Campground has a lot more than one can imagine doing while you stay there. Let me share all the details here.

  • Kids pool – kids up to 3  years can enjoy this pool, there is a staff who is available throughout while the kids are in the pool area.

Longbeach Campground

  • Elders Pool: Elders have a pool facing the beach. towels are provided. Can have your drinks while you enjoy your pool time.

Longbeach Campground

  • Kids activities: Kids have a separate tent, where they can enjoy their time, while parents can leave their kids in the kids’ area and have some free time. In this place, they conduct different activities like face painting + bracelet making + drawing, etc. They also watch a movie sitting together.
  • Movie at the beach on the big screen under the stars: there is a show time, which is mostly around 9 PM, out of 3 movies, highest voted movie will be played, the theatre is at the beach, a set-up is done where bean bags and chairs are placed. A huge screen is used to play the movie. this is one of the best experiences, the waves, and water sound, the chill winds, the movie under the stars, something beautiful to add to my lifetime memory.

Longbeach Campground

  • Barbeque option: while you sit and enjoy the beach, the waves, you can request to do some barbeque, like corn or some meat or some marshmallows. you can include kids in these activities.
  • Campfire for kids and adults: if you want to enjoy the real camping feel, then a campfire is one of the best options. Not only helps you cope with the chill weather, but also brings in the heat needed. But to do this, you need to inform the team in advance, accordingly, they will do the set-up.
    Longbeach Campground

    campfire/barbeque area

  • Beach activities: this property provides a lot of beach activities like kite flying/kayaking/surfing / small boat rides/jet skiing and a lot of others.  YOu need to check the details for timings with the team, as this is all planned basis the tide.
  • The Barn: there is a small zoo, with few birds and animals, like cats, dogs, donkeys, hens, rabbits, turkey, etc. you can feed the animals. there are time slots to visit and feed.
  • Archery: Now this is something interesting, I tried my archery for the first time. there is an instructor to help you and teach you.

  • the play area includes – foozball / billiards: you can spend your time, playing these games if you are interested. can make friends at the play area, if you are lucky.
  • Other activities – Zumba / Yoga, pottery, crafting, jumping trampoline, aqua fitness, etc and a few other stuff: while few enjoy the pool, some enjoy the beach, and if you are like me enjoying watching your family enjoy water stuff, don’t worry they take care of people like me. they have a few activities which you can join if you enjoy or want to try doing something different.

Longbeach Campground

  • Live music at the restaurant: while you enjoy your dinner, you can enjoy live music, instrumental. have a beer or choice of you drink and sit and relax.
  • Sheesha and pool bar: Sheesha is served in and around the beach area. different flavors are available. surely a good option to try if you can’t handle the cold.
  • Restaurant: One restaurant is available serves good food.
  • Buffet with different cuisines + live barbeque: Buffet must say, was amazing with a variety of cuisines from Thai, to Indian to grilled stuff and a lot more. desserts were my favorite. while dinner is served, you have unlimited alcohol options from beer to wine to other drinks.
  • Greenery: while the beach is some people’s go-to spot, you also have some greenery around where you can walk and relax.
  • Beach: My favorite place, to forget all my worries, be grateful, watch sunset or sunrise or both.

Longbeach Campground

  • Relaxing area with bean bags: In addition to all the above, there is a huge spot, placed with some cute bean bags, where you can just sit chill relax, or just watch the beach.

Longbeach Campground

Notes to consider while you are planning to visit Longbeach Campground:

  • The pricing will differ considering weekends and weekdays, also during public holidays.
  • Suggest going during winters, as the summers can be crazily hot.
  • Carry extra pairs of clothes, shoes/ chappals and some toiletries including tissues, etc.
  • Carry sunscreen if you are planning to do any kind of beach activities.
  • Payments for restaurant food or sheesha to be paid while ordering.

Having said all this, we had our best time staying at this property. It’s a must-visit if you are visiting UAE anytime soon or later. Suggest opting for winters, to enjoy and make the best of it. Though there are the best cheap offers available during summers, you may not enjoy it as we did in winters. ignore this line if you are a summer or tanned skin lover. But I would like to say, it’s a different experience, a memory for life.

Let me know if you have visited this place, if yes what do you think of this property.

Longbeach Campground Longbeach Campground   Longbeach Campground

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Till I create some other beautiful experience, you take care and stay safe.

Keep reading and supporting.

Thank you.

Queen Bee / Laveena Pinto