The only thought of or mentioning someone’s relationship and saying that it was one-sided doesn’t give positive vibes to start with. Even if you may not know the whole story, you, in your mind, jump to the conclusion that you should not listen to it. Or there’s no need to pay attention to it, or maybe it must have had a sad end or probably no end. one-sided relationship

Story of a one-sided relationship

I, too, thought on the same lines but changed my mind when i came across this happening live story that was going around me of one-sided love.

Here I am mentioning about the one-sided office love story of my colleague Kavita (name has been changed).

When Kavita started coming to the office, I found her like an enchantress with raving beauty at the same time well-read, cultured, and well-bred. By nature, she was a bubbly, energetic, and happy-go-lucky girl.

It was anyways a new start for her. I can recall when she joined, she would sit in one corner of the office, thinking that someone will come and guide her about what she should do and how to go about the work she was assigned.

Rather, one or two male chauvinists used to discourage her, mentioning that her post was not required to be filled, and she will not have much to contribute.

After a few days, she thought that she had to talk to people herself; otherwise, she will be tagged as an introvert and indifferent colleague, which she never wanted.

Her boss also mentioned that she should go and introduce herself and her profile so that everybody in the office should know her and feels comfortable with her. As he stated that it was a part of her profile, she thought of pushing herself more and went for an introduction with everyone around.

In an office of around 100 people, she felt it was a task, so she tried and divided the time, took appointments, and started with the introduction procedure.

After all of the departments were covered, she was hesitant in going to the Engineering department, which was the last one in her list, for reasons she was not sure about. After seeing Sanjeev, the Head of Engineering department once or twice she thought he was an arrogant and not so friendly person, but that day her boss called her to ask if she has completed the task of introduction and asked her to complete the department left by evening to which she agreed.

After taking a prior appointment when she went to Sanjeev’s office, he was busy with some work. All his colleagues sitting around him came to meet her, some asked for her introduction, and other her profile and job-related queries. Sanjeev was quite while all this was happening, this made her fell for him, a man who is quite in all that chaos, who doesn’t want to know much, maybe he was too preoccupied or was judging her, noticing her too closely whatever it was, it was making her both happy and uneasy.

She kept on thinking about their first meeting. What was it about him that had left a mark on her, was he so special?

Without even being so smart, the calm and composite look on his face was something that took her heart.

Days went on; whenever she had an interaction with Sanjeev she felt butterflies in her stomach, she wanted to talk to him more, know more about him, but was not confident enough.

From the official records that she deliberately checked, she came to know that he was married recently, which troubled her a bit from inside. But so was she, so it didn’t make much difference to her feelings for him.

Unable to initiate a talk or express her feelings for Sanjeev, she started to find ways to meet him during office hours. Sometimes she also used to give him missed calls on his landline number to hear his voice or would try to join him by sitting beside him in a training program meant for employees.

She would get disturbed when she found he was on leave. She used to worry about what must have happened, sometimes she used to ask if all was well with him or not from other colleagues.

Once when he didn’t come for fifteen days at a stretch, she was curious to know the reason. After a few days, she came to know that he had become a father. Kavita felt excited about congratulating him, and nothing could make her happy when he shook his hand with her accepting her wishes.

That firm handshake made her feel on cloud nine. Sometimes she used to think where this fantasy would take her. Sadly, when she got a better job opportunity near to her home, she had no option but to leave the organization.

On her very last day, she went to meet Sanjeev in his office. They talked a lot to each other about the office about everything. She was still unable to express him that all this time how much she had loved him, secretively felt for him, how much happiness he had given her unknowingly. This actually made her feel special about herself. one-sided relationship

Advantages of being in a one-sided relationship

The one-sided story ended on a neutral note. If Kavita had expressed her feelings for him, it would have created chaos in their happy lives. That is the beauty of one-sided feelings or relationships.

Drawbacks of being in a one-sided relationship

But if we put ourselves in Kavita’s shoes, it really makes me wonder whether it is for good or bad, how helpless she must have felt while holding that feeling of love within herself, of which Sanjeev was unaware of.


When you strongly feel for someone, do not hesitate to express yourself, but only when you are sure that those feelings are true, not a fantasy or just an infatuation.

Secondly, when you know that expressing your love will not do any harm to you or the other person in any way, let the other person know about your feeling will only increase the beauty of your relationship.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!