It was the year 2007, they were working in the same office, different departments. They happened to see each other on a day to day basis. Started interacting, from work related topics to personal, to introducing themselves. At times drop-offs or pick-ups from home to office and vice versa. They looked really cute together.
He was well educated, had a good job, good salary, single. His elder sister was married. While this girl, very pretty, attractive, bubbly, a gorgeous smile on her face. She had a brother, who was a spoilt brat. She was the eldest. She was her father’s favourite, while father was her life.
Gradually, they both realized they are attracted towards each other, it was not difficult to convince the parents. They agreed happily. At that point, he gets a job overseas. And surely did not want to decline, as he felt she was lucky and can have a better life. The families sat together, discussed everything from dates to their happily ever after. Finally it was agreed that the marriage would take place in some months or max by an year. Also, they were pretty young, she was 24 and he was 26.
So he flew to UAE, started working as a financial advisor. It was a long distance relationship; however he chose to get her here. She too joined him soon. Within few weeks she got a job in an MNC. In few months, they decided to get married. She had her wedding plan in her mind. She was Christian so surely Christian wedding was in cards. He was so madly in love with her; whatever she says was his command. So the planning for the wedding began. It was going to be lavish. From choosing the outfits, to décor, to venue, to photographer, it seemed amazing.
Her parents, his parents, their friends everyone was a part of their big day. Everything was perfectly organized and they looked a zillion bucks. Everyone was happy for them, and they were on cloud 9. “A match made in heaven”
The married life started, few months passed by, they were having a wonderful life. In 2008, they were hit by the recession storm and the unexpected happened. He lost his job. First few days, they thought he will get a job and everything will be back to normal. In the meantime, his parents long due visit to Dubai was pending. Parents were not aware of his jobless situation. While she was still working. She told him let them come, and we will not inform them on this as they would be worried. They came, everything looked so normal he still dressed up in the morning, went out of the house, she too joined him, came back in the evening. Laugh, fun, food, friends everything was taken care perfectly. They did this for a month. It was surely not easy. Parents went back after a month to their hometown, totally unaware of what was going on with his sons career.

He was attending interviews, but due to his high end qualifications he was not able to get a job, and since he was drawing a decent salary, he was not willing to accept a lesser pay. In midst of all this, she gets the worst news ever, that her father had a severe heart attack. That shook her forever. His job loss, now her father’s health condition surely it was too much for her. She flew to India, barely could talk to her father, as he saw her on the same day he passed away. Her world crashed. She literally lost track of her life for some time. After few months she got back to her work, but then, the job where she was working also asked her resign as she was not available for a long time. They had got a replacement for her.
Now she was lined up and preparing for all the worst. Luckily she got a new job, got her mother, and also got her brother. In the meantime her husband started working for lower salaries as a sales person for bank cards. But they chose to be happy. They were meeting friends, partying, while there were lots of financial burdens. Surely they knew together they can turn the tables for good fortune. Life went on. Now the next good news, that she is expecting their first baby. No, it was surely not planned. But they were all excited, preparing for it. Friends hosted a luxurious baby shower. Finally the baby girl arrived.
Her bond with the little angel started to grow since the day she was born. Mother felt a special connection with this tiny tot. Days passed, he would be out on work, coming late nights, sometimes he would not come home as he would be at his friends place. She was busy taking care of her lil one. She never bothered to ask him much as she never realized that things were changing. But they still attended parties together; they were perfect for anyone who saw them.
Days passed months passed. No one knew what had changed. It was one day, she accidently found his phone and while going through it, her whole world came crashing down around her. He was having an affair. She couldn’t believe her own eyes. But then she decided to find out more prior confronting him. She went to meet the girl, and then it was crystal clear. He had portrayed himself to be single, (it is to be believed as he looked young). She came home and then had a discussion.
It was equally shocking for everyone, as the claims were against her, like she was not interested in him, she wasn’t sleeping with him, her priorities changed, she was busy with the kid and her mother and so on.
Well, it did not stop there, while she went into depth of his personal stuff over the years there were lot of stuff which just broke her. But she now knew what she wanted. However, considering her daughter she wanted to give him a chance, while he never deserved it. Yet, he was adamant and not willing to leave the other girl. Therefore it was clear, she filed for divorce with the help of her mother and brother.
Finally court decided to give 6 months, in the initial days it was her tears, closed room, a hectic job which were driving her insane but her angel kept her going. But then he was ditched by the other girl, he was thrown out of the house; he wasn’t permitted to meet his daughter. She still expected him to be sorry, or talk about starting it over again, but unfortunately his male ego was stopping him do so.
It’s been more than 6 months now, she has decided to move back to her hometown, as she was not able to handle the stress in UAE given to her by her then Love. She wanted to build a good future for her daughter as she is her life. Her mother is supportive, equally brother stands by her. Her husband does visit them, but he is not permitted to stay with them, he is still not having a job.
Now, what happened to the love that they had? Everyone says, having a kid changes the life, I agree from their story that life completely changed for them.
Was it a perfect relationship? Or was it never perfect?
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