One of the forever love story, that touched my heart. its a real story, with the greatest impact in today’s life. Equally emotional.

“Anil, your father-in-law called me just now. He said that Nisha was gang raped while on her way back alone from office. The news is now broadcasting in TV channels also” Anil’s mother’s voice was quivering while informing the news to Anil. She feared how Anil would react after hearing this news. He turned on TV to see the news. “Last night, a woman was gang raped near outskirts of Hyderabad. Woman shouted for help after she had sprayed pepper spray in accused’s eyes. Police arrested two youngsters. Woman was sent to the hospital.”

Anil and Nisha were about to getting married in another twenty days. They had known each other from sixth standard before became best friends in tenth standard. Gradually, they became so close that each other knew everything about other person. They chose different career paths. Anil’s dream was to become an entrepreneur. He did his MBA in IIM Ahmedabad. He floated one start-up. Nisha chose journalism. She pursued MA Journalism and Mass communication in IIMC New Delhi. They realized three years back that they had feelings on each other. They discussed their relationship in their respective houses and got green signal.

Now Anil was in New Delhi, went to meet suppliers. His family and Nisha’s family were staying in Hyderabad. He immediately rang up Nisha. She did cut the call. He tried so many times, she switched off the phone. He called Nisha’s father and was told that she was in a deep shock, continuously crying and not in a position to face him. Anil’s father told Nisha’s family that he didn’t want this marriage to happen.

Anil canceled his meeting with suppliers and booked next flight to Hyderabad. After he landed in Shamshabad airport, he phoned his parents and requested them to come to Nisha’s house. Anil reached Nisha’s house by 6 PM. Everyone sat in the hall except Nisha, she locked the door from inside and was crying alone in room. Anil knocked on the door and requested her to open the door. He had to plead her to make her open the door. He asked her to come out and sit in hall. She was walking with so much difficulty and feeling so much pain around lower abdomen.

She sat opposite to Anil. She was not looking into his eyes. Her eyes were red, filled with tears. “I know Anil. Your father told us to cancel this marriage. I know why you came here, to say sorry, right? I accepted your apologies” Nisha couldn’t wait for one more minute, stood up to go to her room. Anil held her hand, said “No. I came here to ask you some questions. You just need to tell Yes or No. That’s it.” Nisha sat and was looking away.

Love is love

True Love needs no words

  • “Nishu. Do you remember? When I was finding it difficult to start a start-up even after my father discouraged me that I wouldn’t succeed, you were there for me supporting me and holding me when I was about to sacrifice my dreams. You even helped me with some money from your savings. You have always been supportive. Whether that supporting nature of yours got affected with this incident?”

Nisha looked up and said “NO”

  • “My dear sweet heart. When we were swotting in IIMs, one day I met with an accident. Even though it was a minor accident, I had to stay in hospital for two days. I told you on first day. You traveled all the way from New Delhi to Ahmedabad to see me. You stayed in the hospital till I was discharged. You have always been a caring soul. Whether that caring nature of yours got affected with this incident?”

Nisha said “NO”. Tears were disappearing in her eyes slowly.

  • “You tried day and night to help me in getting a chance in our government’s incubator programme. Your circle and contacts played a key role in that. The day I got the approval, there was no limit to my happiness. You have always done so much to make me happy and see me happy. Whether that nature of yours got affected with this incident?”

Nisha said with a little smile on her face “NO”

  • “When I was in work tensions, I scolded you so many times for disturbing me. I even forgot to wish you on your last birthday. You didn’t say anything. When I said sorry for not wishing, you said “Stop idiot. I understood your work tensions. You should have said I love you instead of sorry.” You have always understood me. Whether that nature of yours got affected with this incident?”

Nisha was in tears while smile dancing on her lips “NO”

  • “On my last birthday, you gathered my pictures from childhood and prepared a book. In first page “Happy birthday sweet heart” line was engraved on our photo. Entire book showed me how much you are loving me. That was the best gift I have ever received so far. Whether that much huge love on me got affected with this incident?”

She was smiling with tears in eyes and said “NO”

Love Love Love

Forever for life… Cheersss

Anil’s father stepped forward and said “what would society think of you getting married to a rape victim?”

Anil turned towards his father “Please, don’t call her rape victim dad. I don’t care about this society. I didn’t think of this society when I was with her in all these years. We solved problems on our own. We helped each other. We took care of each other. It was always she and me, not society. Now also, this issue is between she and me.”

“For me, Nisha means not her physical body, but her sweet words, caring soul, understanding attitude, lovable heart, supporting nature, I can do anything for you mindset. In single word, Nisha is mirror of my emotions. With her beside me I can live like the way I want to, no need to act at any point of time. There is much more in Nisha than her physical body. Father, I will marry her irrespective of the consequences. ”

Nisha stood up, hugged him tightly, kissed him on cheeks. Nisha forgot the whole world at that time. Nisha’s parents were wiping their tears. Anil could feel Nisha’s pain in that hug.

Anil and Nisha decided to go outside since it had been two days Nisha went out of her house. Anil was driving the car.

Nisha said “I am so sorry Anil”


“I thought you would leave me after this incident.”

Anil was smiling “Come on Nishu, if I leave you for this stupid reason, there is no meaning to our three years relationship. I will never ever found a beautiful soul like you. Forget about everything, I am here to take care of you”

She wanted to smile but something was bothering her. She wanted to mutter it out. She gathered courage and said “I am so sorry Anil”


“You are not going to be the first person” tears were building up.

There was a silence for some time. Nisha felt that she shouldn’t have said that.

“So what? From now onwards I am going to be the only person” Anil winked at her. My Forever Love.

They both laughed wholeheartedly.

Story by: Vema reddy G

Note: Partial story is real, the main character names have been changed.


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