Luxury watches in India were with limited availability once upon a time, but now the times have changed, and have become quite affordable. For every woman, a luxury watch is an essential accessory to have.  They are classic and sophisticated and show your character. It can be challenging to decide who offers what, with so many watch brands to select. Continue to read and learn about the most popular women’s watch brands and how you will find the ideal watch.

Female watches have, for far too long, been skewed more to joy-like styles than to a weighty watch. You ‘d have to borrow from men if you wanted something more industrial or exciting. It’s no longer. The choice of a watch to match your character or outfit is as simple as choosing a pair of earrings or a bag. However, what should I choose?

From various styles like pearl watches, swiss watches for women, diamond watches for women, rose gold ladies watch etc have been in added latest fashion trends.

House names such as Cartier or Rolex, luxury houses such as Tiffany and Breguet, and trendy brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Tory Burch are also available. Therefore, when you pick a watch, you adapt it to your lifestyle and aesthetics. We found 10, from affordable luxuries to the ultimate horological splints, if you couldn’t choose only one

Luxury watches in India – Men & Women

Rolex women watches

Beloved for decades by A-listers, Rolex makes a severe declaration of style. There’s a Rolex in any style, available in a range of metals and finishes, including patented Everose Gold from Rolex, which won’t tarnish anymore. These watches were also hit by some of the harshes. Think of Mt. Everest peak and the ocean depths; they are constructed to last. A Rolex is the right choice; it can be worn on ski slopes, for brunch, for a black-tie case.


Although the classic appearance of Chanel is quite feminine, the brand is also less and less androgynous. But rest assured that Mrs. Coco herself and Karl Lagerfeld, all of her favorite designers, would approve!

Though the French luxury house has also produced many iconic timepieces, perhaps best known for its Love bracelets and Panthère jewelry, introduced by generations of A-lists in 1917, this single rectangle tank watch was an instant classic. The model’s Ballon Bleu and Panthère de Cartier are both parts of some of the most beautiful women in the world. A sleek and lightweight Cartier watch with elegant design gives any outfit a taste of class.

IWC Schaffhausen

This renowned manufacturer deals with details, and since the 1870s has produced women’s watch pieces. Now the range is available for women with small cases for their most popular models, as well as the collection of joy like Da Vinci. These model versions of Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s famous illustration of Life Flower are made in 18-carat gold and diamond versions.


Chopard ‘s personality and diamonds sparkle watches. Times of the brand is well-known and brilliant for their floating jewelry behind the case of the sapphire. Chopard understands feminine elegance – and does it better than most, with a broader range of watches for women than for men. If you want a watch that makes you feel like a princess, don’t look anymore. Take advantage of your Chopard watch and wear a matching selection of Swiss house jewelry.

Budgetary Women watch brands


Breitling is another prime example of Swiss horology. The nautical tradition inspires these technical watches. The Navitimer women portfolio has outside slide rules and a map or compass look. You can select a Breitling if you are an active person – or pick up your friend’s watch. However, while these watches are functional and male, they have elegance, like pink gold detail and luxury leather straps.

Bell and ross

Bell & Ross French watch company is all about watches that first placed features. These timetables, influenced by aviation, look sporty and chic, channeling the 1960s Mod trend. All features you see on a Bell & Ross watches are white detailing, squared faces, and visible screws. They are also ideal if the over-dimensional look doesn’t matter. It means that women with active life have the perfect watch, with modern androgynous styles.


The Swiss tradition of Blancpain dates back to 1735, and the first-ever automatic bracelet for women was launched in 1930. Such watches are one of today’s most stunning and exclusive luxury styles. The diamond halo faces are unapologetically feminine; the signature shows moon phase schedule, slender hands, nutty dials, and rose gold case. Their hands are slightly feminine. There is even Valentine’s Day watch style that is Cupid influenced. A women’s watch from Blancpain does not seek to imitate men’s designs but instead provides a brave and personal feel.

Vacheron Constantin

The oldest Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches is Vacheron Constantin. Since the 19th century, they have been making female watches. The designs are not old-fashioned, however. Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces are contemporary and modern, have an elegant yet understated style while carrying on the watchmaking tradition. If you have a luxurious style, it’s the perfect watch.

Luxury watches in India

Longines watches

You should think of Longines when talking about beauty. While the collection of men is a little heavier and sportier, the Swiss luxury brand’s women’s watches are all about elegance. Think of a lightweight smart, understated style. The sumptuous La Grande Classique is the ultimate example. The pure white face of stainless steel matches the Roman number timescales while the string wristband is grounded every day.

These are some of the watch brands that you will love to have a glimpse on. Book yours now and flaunt it in full style to make others envy your collection. Do let us know if you think there can be any other brand to top the list.

The watch market for women has grown faster than men. To set women’s watches apart once smaller case sizes and joyous sizes are set. We now see a deviation from conventional definitions that describe gender. We have customers who buy mechanical watches without diamonds for every sector, for example, men seeking smaller sizes and women.

Allow your eagerness and budget to guide you in this regard. So note that it is still time to spend when it comes to the best timepiece.

Luxury watches in India


Hope you enjoy reading about all these high end brands. Buying them would be far from dream for many, while i say, once a lifetime we should buy at least one of them.

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