Mahendra Singh Dhoni, popularly known as MS Dhoni. Also, known by other different names like captain cool given by his team, Mahi by his fans, and other names like Thala or MSD. MS Dhoni was born on 7th July 1981 in Ranchi Jharkhand (which was Bihar earlier). He belongs to a very humble and decent family where he has been taught respect and discipline.

Nobody knows the fact that Initially, MS Dhoni was more affectionate towards football and still, he follows it. His story begins as a cricketer very later when his coach made him understand about cricket and inspired him for the same. Then from there, He started devoting his life for cricket when he realizes he can do a lot in Cricket. Well, later he proved himself and did really outstanding for his life (cricket). His cricket journey was quite struggling as he was working for the Indian railways at the same time which was his father’s dream. Belonging to the middle-class family, Dhoni’s father wanted him to join for a government job for his secure stability. Well, he joined the Indian Railway service But he was destined for cricket where he ended up becoming a great player and also a great captain.

One of the greatest  quality that I have heard of would be he never forgets his roots, and the people who helped him.

His Bright Cricket Career

Though after his all struggle he joined the Indian cricket team and played his first one-day international match on 23rd December 2004 against Bangladesh. Dhoni holds the unbreakable record by winning certain matches such as ICC World T20 in 2007, ICC World cup in 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. He proved himself to the Indian team and his captaincy with his remarkable method of playing cricket. Apart from above-mentioned matches he also won 2010 and 2016 Asia Cup and several test matches from 2008 to  2014 under his captainship. That was his hard work towards his cricket or life, today he is in a great position. He is a right-handed batsman and there was a time when he was a right-handed medium part-time bowler. He trained himself not only just in batting but also as a keeper and bowler. Luckily with his trained techniques in bowling, he took a wicket against Sri Lanka where he again proved himself that he is an all-rounder. Dhoni might not be statistically and technically the best, but he is the finest batsman of all time, number one finisher and a great striker. He has shocked all his fans and everyone with his striking ability. Yes, perhaps we all have seen his strike and remember those great moments where he has made us proud of winning the matches. Another fact is his strike has become more than 400 now in his last 2 overs of the match which is more than anyone so far. He played his last ICC match on 9th July 2019 against New Zealand.

With his great playing techniques, some people say he is all in one. Best captain as  Ricky Ponting, the best keeper as  Kumar Sangakkara and the best finisher as Sahid Afridi. His other great achievement is that he holds the stumping record of 0.08 second against Australia and highest run in ODI which is 183 runs including 15 sixes and 10 fours which is a great record by itself. His achievements don’t end here as after his all success in cricket he has achieved various other awards.

Proud Moment and National Awards

Along with all the Trophies, he was awarded by Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2007, ICC ODI Player of the year 2008-2009, Padma Shri in 2009,  ICC award for the spirit of cricket in 2011, Padma Bhusan in 2018, MTV youth icon of the year and many other trophies. Not just these, he also got the position of Commando with all his great achievement. He is truly a hero for everyone and for the nation. Apart from his brilliant captaincy, he is also a great human being who is settled now with his wife Sakshi and his daughter Ziva fulfilling his great role as a husband and a father. He is really a history creator who has his fans all over the world and has stamped his position in history. Now the sad part is he is planning to get retirement from his life that is cricket.

Some less known facts that I have red about Dhoni, which are amazing:

  1. He can hire any hair stylist, but is happy with his old barber and is happy with the styling
  2. He stopped by to sign an autograph and for a photograph when one girl followed him on her scooty… a die hard fan.
  3. He opted for a train travel with his friends while we all know he can manage to have a chopper ride…
  4. I also read, a regular tea staller guy from his neighbourhood, when met him after years, Dhoni not just recognized but too him for a lavish dinner.
  5. T20 world cup / ASIA world cup and few more wins – you barely see his pictures.. but we all know he is the star of those matches.
  6. During the match when the South African player was hurt, DHONI gave his helping hand to the player. Isn’t that cool?
  • He is and will be famous for his helicopter shots
  • Mr. Cool is forever his title, he will be referred in the history with this.
  • Amazing technical knowledge player
  • Fitness freak
  • Aggressive basis time need
  • Best Captaincy

May be I can go on and on coz People like MS D r very limited. if you read and like it, dont forget to leave a comment.

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