Childhood was easier, never complicated, realized when I grew up, when started working. But even that never bothered me much, as some responsibilities were so much that never got any time to sit, relax and think, what am I good at? By God’s grace, since I was done with my college life, managed to get jobs, moved overseas, survived successfully. But then, when I chose to take a break, to do something on my own, that when felt life was stuck. I came across the word, multipotentialite.

Ok Multipotentialite means, you are not an expert in any field in particular or one who has many interests. Personally, I don’t find it as an issue, coz it’s a boon, which helps you explore more and more.

For my experience I can say, multipotentialite’s tend to be broader and more open-minded than others and are free from the narrow constraints that limit us from achieving much more. People like me surely never stop their quest for new things to learn and are always in search of things to be passionate about.

I just happened to read about Elon musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, SolarCity, Hyperloop, The Boring Company, Open AI and Neuralink who is a present-day example of Multipotentialists who has achieved greatness through all his endeavors in a broad variety of fields. He did not constrain himself to a single field and is not satisfied by succeeding in one of his passions but went all out on all of his passions and the best part is he succeeded in all of his endeavors against all odds; against all the critics that stood against and even mocked him. But he proved them all wrong. He showed us that we needn’t limit ourselves to a single narrow field to succeed and that humans are capable of specializing in multiple fields. multipotentialite careers / define multipotentialite / multipotentialite ted talk

Let me discuss what do I think of being a Multipotential:

  1. Passionate: If an idea pops in my mind, I can get involved, research over hours, never get bored… Thirst to learn, update myself, makes happier. I can spend hours doing/learning a new topic and never feel like I’m working or that it’s a chore. For example, when I started my blog, I was just not aware but the thought of having a website, made me reach where I am.
  1. Curious: I want to learn and do everything. This insatiable curiosity allows me to be interested in multiple topics. Whether I’m going fishing, meeting new people, listening to a podcast, I’m always open to learning something new. This allows me to enjoy pretty much all types of activities. Like, recently, in terms of growing my website and Instagram accounts, I have ended up joining so many courses, which are helping me in many ways.
  1. Interesting: It sounds odd, but it’s true. People are intrigued by our (multipotentialities) lives because we always have something new. Also, we tend to have knowledge of various topics, which makes it possible for us to easily join conversations. It’s a boon, I think, coz, we end up meeting so many people, who help us in every step.
  1. Adaptive: its eases to help in adapting changes, learning and the best thing, there is no shortages of ideas.

But as interesting as it sounds, there are drawbacks as well. Let me list them here.

  1. Unhappy: since we are not sure of what exactly we want to do, we tend to be overthinking, which surely keeps us low with energy. If we get to something, it gradually becomes less interesting. Because now we want something else.
  1. Self-confidence: this can be shattered most of the times. Especially, when you have to introduce yourself, its one of the worst situations. And if you have to intro yourself in front of a successful human…
  1. Less focused: Since ideas just pop-up anytime and anywhere, it surely distracts from concentrating on one thing. Mind wanders, scrolling on social media can be one the major culprit. Mindless scrolling can cause more harm in terms of confused mind. We are never understood by the bulls-eye focused world.
  1. Unsatisfaction/Stress: As far as I can remember, I’ve had that goal to learn everything. Sometimes I feel that I will NEVER know anything. And it’s not only that I want to know everything, I also want to experience everything. But we all know, we’re all gonna die… This deadline (literally) brings up a lot of stress.
  1. Peer/Society Pressure: Society values specialists. As someone who often changes her mind and changes interest every 2–3 months, I’m often seen as an unstable girl, not able to finish anything, and never satisfied. This pressure to fit in used to destroy me. Now, I’m more comfortable being “different”. And I’ve embraced it. I think the weirdness, in some strange ways, makes me awesome.
  1. Lonely: It’s really hard for me to talk about what I’m going through as most people simply don’t get it. Even it gets challenging to ask help from people. To top it free advices can be adding ghee to burning fire.

I believe I’ll always experience those “disadvantages”. However, I’ve decided to use those “disadvantages” to create the life I want. I want to create a life where I can focus on a new challenge every 2–3 months and help others do the same. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to enjoy everything life has to offer – and is never satisfied.

Multipotentiality is not a chosen condition, but I cannot be any other way.

Honestly, sometimes I too feel lost and felt that why I am multipotentialite? I have so many interests and I can’t able to go with “one true calling”. I can’t be happy with one thing in my life and can’t understand that what really, I am doing with my life? Just When I am about to get perfection in anything I do suddenly, I just lose interest in it and get bored and wanna try new thing. Every time the same story goes.

At the end, I would say, there is no harm in trying what you like, as said earlier its not that we have opted to be that way, but it’s a special gift which nature has granted us. Success belongs to everyone.

But end it, to answer the question, yes, I absolutely think that it is good to be a multipotentialite. Just remember not to give up your passions (yep, I put the ‘s’ intentionally) and be the best that you can be in all your endeavors. Hope this helps.

Do share your thoughts and comments.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!