My Boss got fired….

Yes, you heard it right. He was amazingly talented, experienced, shrewd, business-minded. Knew how to speak numbers, and work on achieving them.

honestly, I have had a chance to work with different people from different nationalities, different caliber, amazing business minds, and crazy attitude bosses.
Surely there has been a lot of positive and learnings that I have taken from each one of them.
Rude behaviors, ignoring, partial behavior has been common. But that’s how bosses are I feel…

Since few of them worked with him closely, we felt it was not fair what happened to him. But then there are other people, who felt he deserved as he
had treated few the same.
since we were working together, we had accepted his behavior, understood that he could be under tremendous pressure. We felt no different from any other boss, as not every day was the same. somedays he was good, while some days nasty like hell.

Most importantly, he knew what he was doing, he was focused on improving the business, the company. well, right he was paid to do all that. he was taken care of like no one. all those extra perks, big bonus, family benefits, inclusive of bill payments from phone to electricity, a secretary to take care of needs from car service, to school appointments.
we do backbite on all these things, also we feel bad. after all, we are humans too.

But we do feel bad as well, somewhere we feel emotionally connected to the person, spending more time with the colleagues, bosses, the company, we feel
it’s not acceptable. we cry when our family dies, even though we had rifts, even if we did not speak for days or months. In this case, we spend hrs, days, months, and years seeing each other all day long.

the worst part that we feel is, the way he was fired.

His boss traveled all the way from the head office located in a different continent, the boss was asked to pick his boss from the airport and then we’re supposed to attend the meeting, and that meeting was this shocking news. and no one knew what was the matter, why all this happened. My boss himself has no clue about what was happening. CRUEL.

his access was denied in like seconds, entry was blocked, emails stopped even on phone. Like what is this? and we the people at the other end, had no clue what happened, and when known, wanted to scream … WHY? What happened? curious to know the reasons.

It’s quite strange, bosses are fired just in the blink of an eye. He did well in terms of business growth, achieving numbers, growth of staff (at least for a few of them).

as they say, life goes on. another boss will take over, hope to support him and move on.

Well, we did get an email, the boss is replaced, and the new person will join soon. wonder, if there was supposed to be a replacement, what was wrong with him?
again, the company you work for has its own terms and conditions, we can just sit and assume different things in our minds, talk, and gossip imaginary stories.

still wondering how do they take such steps, it cannot be done overnight, internally a lot must be discussed, including HR and IT. But this is how it has happened for many of my bosses.

We did get a bonus, heard even our boss got it, and surely it’s a huge bonus. Even though my Boss got fired The company has been kind enough to give him a visa for some more months as his kids are at school going. well, surely he must have had some savings and he will find a better job soon. Also, his final settlement is surely good enough, a person like me can survive for years even if I don’t get a job. Well, not sure about him, coz, he has a lavish lifestyle, huge expenses when it comes to his villa, car, and a lot of others.

and the best part of such bosses is, I have seen after such thing happens with them, they change for good. and new places where they join get to see the good side of our boss, which we will miss unless he recommends us for hiring in that company.


This is a man who was obviously a good boss, but there could be something at work you did not know to simply being laid off (made redundant) for cost-saving reasons.
Feel sad and a little mad for your boss. Then clear your head and give the next guy a chance to earn your loyalty as well.

well, In the end, life goes on. The fact is My Boss got fired and The new boss is going to replace him soon,  need to get back to work. Need to remind and remember, nothing is permanent, nor the human we love, nor the luxuries we possess. Learn to accept this truth. and now Let’s work till we are done. need to work on my savings so I am prepared for the worst.

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Thank you,

Laveena Pinto