They say that the “First experience is always the best ones”… n if it’s related to music n dance, nothing more to say……

Dandiya Experience

I me and my Dandiya Outfit

When my hubby was travelling during this Navrathri, we friends decided for a stay-cation.

This stay-cation included Dandiya plan, hence my shopping dandiya outfit was equally amazing. Colors, designs, matching stuff for the outfit etc. was like a project in itself…

At that time, one of my friend who was planning for dandiya managed to buy an extra ticket which was given to me… it was dandiya night live by FALGUNI PATHAK.

Excitement was high as always with us… from outfit; to make-up; to hair, was so much of fun…normally our stay-cations are mostly on food n enjoying the view of the property that we stay, but here it was only about the Dandiya night.

Then the much awaited photo session begins which went on for almost an hour. Getting a perfect  pose  takes time. And then we rush.

Dandiya Experience

Dandiya with my Besties

Now as usual when u r all excited you have to get some surprises, we too faced it… normally traffic is a major hiccup, we did not face any traffic that night our drive was smooth.

At the Venue: By the time we reached the Venue, the show had begun and, to our hard luck, we realized the ticket were for previous days show…!!!!  Now we stand there dazed… it was for real…as the show was for 2 nights and, in excitement or mere over-sight, we did not realize nor did anyone bother to check the dates. Worst part, we were standing at the venue gate with a worthless ticket. Honestly, our wits stopped us from returning…just due to one reason “the sound of the amazing music” and then,  at no cost did want to miss it.

So, we decided to by online. While we were busy checking the tickets online, my friend decided to call her friends who were already inside. Finally, somehow, they managed to let us inside without having to pay anything extra.

And there we join the crowd… it was crazy, loud music, breathtaking gathering, while few were literally dancing like never before… Falguni with her team on stage was a pleasure to watch with her melodious dance numbers. Non-stop dance number live singing…

We too danced, it was humid, we were sweating, we could see people feeling tired yet enjoying to the core. Age groups did not matter; from kids to elders were just having fun.

My overall experience  was amazing . Can’t wait for next year to have more fun, till then enjoy dancing.

Last But not least few tips from my experience: 

  • Book your tickets well in advance (do not repeat our mistakes, your dates)
  • Have friends included in your plan as its much fun when the group is bigger.
  • Heavy outfits looks amazing, but know its going to be crowded, so plan accordingly.
  • dont forget to carry wet wipes, tissues to wipe your face.
  • Be prepared for few touches, dashes as people just dance out of joy.
  • If kids are with you, do take care of them as if they miss its quite difficult to trace easily.
  • avoid driving and use public transports (taxis) or car pools.

Video by: Aarzoo AshVlog

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Also share your Dandiya moments if you have experienced if not surely do try next year.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!