House turning to Home – Decorate Your Little Space in A Refined And Sophisticated Way

When I got married, I was a teen who was out of the fancy world. Rather just entered another dreamworld which I saw in some cool Hindi movies. A happy life, where things are all available easily, including a beautiful house, home decor, perfect bedroom, fancy bathrooms, etc. But then, woke up to reality, I know how challenging it was just like any other girl. Making it home took a bit longer, but was an exciting journey.

Since I got married, was staying in a rented residence. However, making it look different, getting that amazing feeling while u come back home after a tiring day was all that I wanted.

So here we started, to convert a ‘house’ into a ‘home’.  We decided we are not going to change every year. Initially, we did not have huge budgets, so had to do minimal changes with basic facilities..

Over the years, we started going on vacations, but then coming back home was more exciting.

Here I will share a bit of way how I started from converting my house to Home.

  • Since we both were working in the corporate field, we had converted a small portion of our home into a workplace.
  • Had to consider the Budget every time for every change we wanted.
  • Wanted rooms to look spacious.
  • Since we were in a rented residence in Dubai, we had to reconsider buying expensive stuff as shifting house had to be considered.

Let’s get to how I chose to decorate my small house:

There are so many different ideas to decorate our home.

Colour Combination: we chose to decorate our home walls with some unique color combinations, while most prefer light and neutral colors I chose, Bold Orange, and Yellow. If you are using a combination of two colors together, you should take care of the fact that they complement each other. Over the years, realized, the light color provides a subtle look explicitly to the walls.

Elegant Photo Frames; How much I love, photo frames… different styles, designs, on walls, stands you can just keep them anywhere. These photo frames portray the captured memories of all family members together. I do keep changing photographs

Added few Paintings – A Real Art: Walls of the house can also be decorated with beautiful pictures. Different types of paintings can be hung on the walls like lively paintings, vivid paintings, and paintings of deities made with vibrant colors.  Paintings and frames form a very crucial part of the decoration of the house. For me, art is a mixture of bold colors.

Beautiful Pots, Planters, And Vases: The entrance and hall of the house can be decorated with attractive and beautiful pots, planters, and vases. Pots and vases give a fresh and eco-friendly look to the home.

Artificial Flowers: Since fresh flowers get fade within a few days, artificial flowers remain intact and always give a pleasant look.

Indoor Water Fountains: To make your house look unique, you can also have indoor water fountains in your home, which makes the ambiance peaceful.

Fancy Lightning: Fancy and glamorous lightning creates an impressive look of the house.

 Compatible Sofa Covers: You should choose sofa covers that are consistent with the color of the walls. There should be a set pattern for selecting each item for decoration.

Statues: Sides of the hall and the bedroom can be decorated with various statues of different holy figures. The statue of Buddha who is a symbol of prosperity and good luck can be kept at the entrance of the house.

Exclusive Antiques: Different antiques having historical or aesthetical significance can be kept around the sides of the bed. This can give a royal look to your bedroom.

Matching Carpets: You should always use carpets that can match the sofa covers. It gives an identical look to the hall.

In midst of all the above, tried a few things but would never back to them:

  1. Wallpapers – If you are in a rented residence this is surely a NO for me.
  2. Carpets: due to the excessive dust + moisture it can be a mess and challenge to keep it clean and organized.
  3. Dark Color paints – again this looks for pictures while you have parties, but will be a NO for me as space looks smaller, and within a few days, you feel bored with it.
  4. No theme planning: since we were running behind budget, we ended up doing things one by one, which was delaying the process, and also we ended up buying things as we like not as what the house needs. Due to which it was a mess most of the time.
  5. Never overdo: yes, buying a lot of things considering you have space, it’s totally a NO. You never realize that space has become limited.
  6. Time for home: Yes, the very important part. Need to clean the home, dust it, re-do things to get that feeling.
  7. Dump unused or broken stuff: You feel something doesn’t suit your home or you feel its excess, give away or donate or dispose of.

A Positive and Spiritual Aura

Apart from decorating the house, the most critical factor in every house should be a positive and spiritual aura that is created by the religious atmosphere at home, for example, through a puja room. There should be positive energy all around, and negativity should not be triggering any of the family members in the house. This is how you can make a house a perfect home.

I’m happy with the house I chose and the way we made it our home. Every home of ours has some beautiful memories.

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Do share if you have any such memories for your home.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!