For about two years back, Google rolled outposts for Google My Business users, enabling entrepreneurs to publish directly through a series of listings, acquire real estate on the Search engine Result page. This gigantic announcement has been an underutilized tool in terms of local marketing & local SEO arsenal. Posts are just one of the unique features that are not been used to full potential.

An overview of Google My business

In the year 2014, Google My Business was launched by Google & it is a free service too. Most of the local enterprises took the extreme benefits of its features too. For company rankings, this gigantic subjected is used at an extreme level. A recent report exclaims that about eighty percent of Smartphone users used their concerned devices for local searches. Nearly seventy-eight percent of location-based mobile searches result in a series of offline purchases. It is most important to set up the “Google My Business” profile. About a few years back, Google has been testing new features that an enterprise can optimize presence in terms of local search.

Importance of GMB compared to Facebook Local

Some of the folks call Facebook Local a Foursquare killer. This one is not that much of a match for GMB. This is exclusively divided into three major sections such as restaurants including events happening. The next one is the map along with a search engine. One can explore Starbucks similar to Yelp.

GMB compared to Facebook Local

 For a Facebook credit, it lets to differentiate standup comedy along with literature to explore everything. The final one is the calendar which includes access to it. This one is a complete solution for business concepts. The local term is used to promote events & specials. Its concerned listings expose searches through Google Places & Events search results. The update takes place then & there in a reliable manner.

1) Google Posts

Generally, Google has given the enterprises a greater ability to post content for key events, offers including product updates which are popularly known to be click-less search models. These posts are specially designed to convey additional data to users who are exploring for a business on Google & thus enhancing user value factor of searches. The most important categories for posts are divided into events, offers, specials, product updates including announcements.

Typically, these posts are accessible with aid of “Google My Business page” and it allows for about a thousand characters. It is also important to know how users search & major reasons for exploring. The real post length is between 150 & 300 words; provide additional data. Post duration is efficient pone and simple too, details such as title, body content can be entered.

Exclusive facts

In a normal post, high-resolution visuals like images & video add more value. The images should be better, professional & realistic too. A correlation always exists between posting frequently & post visibility within boundaries of Graph panel. The post can be in live mode at any time. About three hundred characters is a maximum limit.

2) Google Services

The major services which allow the enterprises in a specific industry; to enhance perfect services for the right track of knowledge graph panel. They do not show up on any Desktop search, but they perform on mobile. This one constitutes a major proportion of both visibility & traffic. One important thing to be noted is that one need not add on price, in case if the field is transparent too. The other important facts are as follows:

If the pre-price qualification is a necessary one, make a confirmation that it is made clear in terms of the item description.

There is no other option available to include a linked Call To Action, hence utilize term description to go ahead with a website visit.

3) Business Descriptions

As every one of us knows that, business description is not a new feature. In traditional days, the enterprises can add three hundred words of a brand copy to straight GMB listing, but along with more & more changes now the count has been increased up to 750.

There are lists of benefits for mobile users who do not prefer Meta titles & Meta descriptions if they come along with Google map pack results. This one automatically creates descriptions important one who is looking for further improvement in terms of local visibility.

4) Customers

This concerned tab in terms of “Google My Business” has been undergoing a list of constant updates. Here, there are three major sections such as reviews, followers including messages. As an entrepreneur, one can track & respond to typical reviews of a business. The above-discussed ones are the major key metrics related to an online reputation that one should track. Messaging features are one of the important ones where the consumers can contact with queries or comments.

5) Q&A      

Instead of moving ahead with private messages between a consumer and an enterprise, it might become repetitious; this gigantic feature has a great feature of enabling public listings of Q&As. It is either shown organically or in some other different ways. Just make sure that answers are provided rightly.

6) Schedule an appointment

In this era, customers search for a product or service in the field of market. For the factors of reservation or appointment, this gigantic feature comes in handy. The searchers who are more interested in URL, they are redirected to the subjected section of a website that exactly manages a calendar.

7) Analytics

Information is wealth to take an enterprise to its next level. It will be more helpful to collect data about audiences to an online business profile & Google has obligated too. An analytic feature is known to be “My Business Insight” exclaims a total number of people viewed profile including actions taken for reviewing the data.

Typically, an organization’s reputation is made up of important facets in its unique online presence. Most of the reviews are a vital one, quality factors are included for local listings, social presence, rankings including other factors.