An NGO is a non-profit organization that works independently of any government (in this case Indian Government) whose sole purpose is to address a social or political issue and works together along with their volunteers to provide a good living atmosphere so that a nation could grow socially as well.

NGO is a non-profit organization that works towards the betterment of society. It’s a broad term. NGOs are organized on a local, national and international level to serve specific local and political issues. NGOs rely on various sources for funding projects, and salaries. some of the donations come from wealthy individuals. Most of the NGOs are small which leads to working in certain limited areas only that doesn’t mean there are big NGO’s organizations. NGO should have an eight-member board according to Maharashtra.

The working structure of NGOs varies from type to type and it also depends on the amounts of funds received. Some NGOs work especially towards girl education. While some works towards the betterment of society as a whole. NGOs need to follow specific rules and regulations concerning the various acts passed by the government.

NGO works hand in hand with its volunteers, basically, an NGO is nothing without its volunteers.

Many people volunteer for an NGO and also donate for their cause and the betterment of our society, health, poverty, or tribal people in India, and a lot other.

Here are a few of the well-known NGO’s that have compiled a list of NGOs in India:—

  1. Help Age India: It is an NGO founded in 1978 whose sole aim is to help elderly age people all across India. Its head office is situated in Delhi.
  2. Pratham: It was founded in 1994, with head office in Mumbai, and since 1994 this NGO is working for Children Education and to bring up the literacy rate of India
  3. Nanhi Kali: It is an NGO that was founded in 1996 with its head office in Mumbai and this NGO aims to provide education to girl children all across India
  4. CRY: From 1979, this NGO with its offices in every major state is working for the child rights

Purpose of NGO:

  1. provide free education to the poor or economically backward children
  2. conduct free classes in small groups to the poor children
  3. provide medical facilities to the rural poor.
  4. work for the welfare and upliftment of the women
  5. reduce pollution of the environment
  6. providing shelter to the orphans, old aged, destitute, and even animals

Many NGOs in India offer jobs to people at various levels. Offering voluntary service in an NGO gives satisfaction and a chance to work for society or a social cause.

I would take this opportunity to talk about of one the NGOs, which is working with the rural people living at the outskirts in India from a place called Andhra Pradesh.


This NGO was founded in 2011 by Mrs. Saritha and Mr. Deva. The sole purpose is to help the needy – Tribal people in India.  They are into this for a while, as they enjoy helping the needy. They struggle to meet the ends, but things do happen. They visit places, meet people who need them and also people who are willing to help.

This NGO works out from India, state ANDHRA PRADESH. This NGO helps tribal people in India, in particular, who live on the outskirts in Andhra Pradesh areas. These people live in thatched houses, which need no explanation on the stability. And in some parts of India, floods, rains are common. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, unhealthy conditions are some to name it. While the depth of condition is beyond explanation. People suffer for basic amenities from shelter to clothing to food.

Some people come and sympathize, and promise for development, but the reality is what you and I know.

Mrs. Saritha and Deva are taking a step forward from their own willingness and goodwill to help these people. In particular, WING OUTREACH FOUNDATION is focussing on providing basic needs, provide supplies and majorly assist in providing education for children. They have a team that helps them in their journey.

“We would like to share about poorest of the poor. We have slums around us. They live beside the canals. They build small huts and live in them. There are around 50 families. Their livelihood is to catch fish in the rivers and sell that fish for a small amount. From Generation to generation they are illiterates. Our motto is to educate at least younger generation and bring change in them to live like one of us without depending on anybody” – Saritha & Deva.

Sharing some pictures, from recent days. We did our bit by providing mosquito nets, food, etc.tribal people in India tribal people in India tribal people in India tribal people in India tribal people in India

They do not ask for funds but focus on requesting supplies from the people who are willing to help.

All this is done professionally, as this is a registered Ngo. Details are shared with all the info available.

We as good humans can do our bit. Not requesting too much, but if you can collect some kid’s clothing/school supplies, stationaries and send them to their address that will be very helpful. In case you live abroad and are unable to courier the same, you may do the payments, for which receipts and further details will be shared on the provided contact numbers.

It takes a lot to think good for others, but it takes courage to help such people.

We hope to do our bit and be a part of their journey. It doesn’t matter what’s the amount you donated or what you gave, your thought of doing that wins a heart.

Note from the QUEEN BEE team: Please note contact details for WINGS REACH FOUNDATION are shared in the above pictures. Please contact them prior to sending anything. Queen Bees Zone, is helping only to bring awareness and not collecting anything on their behalf. we are helping out of humanity and with no benefits.

we will be sharing a detailed interview that will provide more info on this foundation, however, will depend on the responses we get on this content. Please contact us in case of any details needed in particular –

Thanks and looking forward to your support for a better India.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!