So, When I was talking to a colleague who has been doing night shift job for more than 3+ years, I had all the sympathies towards him. Like I felt he has not seen the proper sunlight, rather he has not even seen his managers or colleagues faces for weeks. But then I was made to feel that we are living in a pressurized work environment by working during the daytime where everyone comes on a horse back, must handle each one’s mood swings, take the heat during or after the meetings etc. which was literally shocking to me as it was the truth.

So, I decided to write the pros and cons of working in Night shift jobs:

  1. Equal pay with some extra perks: Not always, but surely sometimes, some companies do provide additional perks in terms extra pay or may be food allowance. Operating alone in the office
    Night shift jobs

    Night shift jobs

  2. More Independence: Being alone can give you space for yourself to walk wherever you want. (of course, if there are no cameras). But you can sit and relax when there is no work. You can be the boss in the night.
  3. Sleep pattern: being awake during the day, can make you complete your daily jobs that are difficult for day working person to finish like may be school meeting, bank jobs etc.
  4. On Time: Traffic is the biggest challenge for day workers, which is at ease during the nights. You don’t need to leave hours before to go to office, at least can be sure that there won’t be such heavy traffic jams, exceptional if there are any major accidents.
  5. Concentrate more: less noise, as no people around can help you to concentrate on your work more than during the day. No distractions.
  6. Dress Code: Uniform may not be mandatory, as there will be no meetings or visitors.
    Night shift jobs

    Night shift jobs


  1. Being awake: it is difficult if you are trying to sleep during the day. Especially if you are with your family who can keep disturbing by entering the room, their phones ringing etc. also the various offers from telecom; banks are done during the day time, and you are forced to switch off the phone or keep it on silent mode. Most importantly, being awake in the night can be stressful.
  2. Hard Work not accounted: since you are working where people do not watch you, cannot talk to you, what you do during the night is not discussed much unless there is any issue. So, for management to consider them for anything promotions etc. becomes a bit difficult.
  3. Lack of Respect: since most of the work is done during the day, and not many have the experience how it works during the night, everyone feels, during night there is not much work. The night shift guy must be sleeping. While the reality is different.
  4. Health Consequences: Sleep pattern change can be a major cause for health issues. While this needs to be balanced in order to have a better health.
  5. Emergency challenges: be it operational or personal, it becomes difficult to contact anyone. Even if there is a work-related challenge, most likely will have to wait till next day morning to resolve the same.
  6. Bad habits: to keep yourself awake or to keep yourself entertained, you will tend to start with habits like smoking, or more of coffee, which will affect the health. One cup may turn to 3 or more which will become an addiction. You would be hungry during the midnight, eating habits would be affected.
  7. Socially disconnected: you are mostly disconnected with the social world, at least during the weekdays. Especially while celebrating various occasions. You are never a part of those group selfies.
    Night shift jobs

    Night shift jobs

Apart from the above, no issues with AC temperature, no queues at the restrooms, you can vanish before your boss arrives at the office.

Whatever said and done, I still prefer to work on a day shift basis. I prefer to go home as the way Sun dawns, maybe that’s the choice most of them would opt. I really appreciate people those who work at night shifts and are not given an option to choose the day shift.

Well that’s how I could relate to my day shift and night shift work mode. Well thanks to my night shift colleague who gave me a content idea.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!

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