Over the last few months say precisely 8 months there has been lots spoken, done. The world itself has changed a lot. Pandemic, crisis, Job cuts, Pay-cuts, starvation, sufferings, some hidden talents, and many more. In the Midst of all this, I noticed Online learning has been trending in midst of all this.

Everyone who is alive today is a hero coz they survived all this, pushed through those difficult times, stayed together, battled, and is still breathing. It’s time to be grateful for life.

For me, like anyone it was the same. it’s challenging to be work from home, do all the housework, but then it brings back memories of how my mother was managing the house doing every work by herself, with absolutely no help, no machines, no helping hands. Anyways, Would keep the negative things out and would count on the positive things. I have learnt so much during this time, been a part of a lot of free courses, paid courses, a lot of activities. Online learning theory is almost the same as regular learning.

Sharing my journey with the activities that I have done here.

  • Content writing: since I started my blog, writing is something like my passion. I write coz I feel happy doing it. I enjoy brushing through those ideas.
  • Research: Every content that I write needs to be researched, to get those correct words, read related stories, and then writing gives a boost, makes those clear paths to write.
  • Drawing: during childhood, could never join drawing classes, so there is no age bar to do anything that you like. So here I go. I took WhatsApp classes where the teacher would guide me, and teach me.
  • Water coloring: who doesn’t like to play with paints. I love. I joined a few water coloring classes, it was surely therapeutic
  • Calligraphy: Ok this was a free course, which was for basic learning.
  • Digital information: Paid and free courses, few are still ongoing. Since I run a website, I wanted to create an online store, for that, I need to understand how it works.
  • Art of Living: happiness Program – best of the program from all that I attended, other were my life’s journey while this program is like learning myself as to who am I, what am I missing. It was basics but a lot to learn from this.
  • Instagram courses: Free online webinars, courses which thought me basics as to how to run Instagram accounts that is required for beginners.
  • E-book: how to create e-books, what’s required, a lot of research etc.
  • Brain-O-Script: a program to find your goal, it was a live zoom session wherein they will teach you how you can set your goal, plan it, fix it, and work on it.
  • Content Vidhya: since I was into writing, I thought I should take some online course on writing contents, and surely this was an amazing course, though I missed taking assignments.
  • Doodle video making: the best way to bring your creativity, innovativeness.
  • Skillshare for a lot of DIY and few other courses.
  • Udemy for most of the free courses till now.

And a lot more. Online Learning Experience

Types of online learning: 

  • Educational apps
  • online classes
  • download contents
  • Video or webinar classes
  • Innovative online learning

Benefits of online learning online:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection and a laptop.
  • Best is your voice is heard…
  • Plenty of options to choose from.
  • Flexible
  • Easy to handle in terms of submissions etc
  • All the teachers/coaches have WhatsApp access you can send doubts and get clarifications.
  • You end up meeting new people.
  • Few online courses are certified and valid
  • Planning strategies for online learning is equally important, to ensure you are on track.

Overall, I enjoy online learning these days, in order find a place for my dreams, to see myself a brand someday, if all goes well. And surely you gain a lot of knowledge. Hope i can create awesome online courses someday.

Coz, we need to take start somewhere and be a part of the todays trend so our tomorrow looks much better.

Knowing, growing, learning should be a part of our journey, as these are the best things we do for our self, gaining knowledge, experimenting new things.

So, let me know if you have done any online courses and which have helped you in growth of your career or studies or anything that you wanted to do.

Must read: https://www.wes.org/advisor-blog/upgrading-skills-improves-career-prospects/

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!