Since I was born in a joint family, grew up to a certain age with crowd around me. My grandmother, grand aunt, uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, my siblings, my parents, a dozen of pets etc. No one ever spoke or knew how it is to be living lonely without your close ones besides.

But when it came to my first overseas job-related travel, I had to move out from my joint-family and stay away from all of them. I loved it to be honest. It made me what I am today. Stronger, bold, confident. So, I decided to write my opinions about how it is to live a life alone.

Well since I got married, I live with my husband. So that makes it easier to differentiate the living alone time Vs sharing.

  1. Money: till I moved out from my parent’s place, I was not aware what expenses are. Had never stayed in rented place as we had our own. Grocery, other bills, medical etc. was easily taken care by my parents. But when I started living, I was responsible for everything. It was fun initially, but soon realized expenses are growing and most of the time month ends spent as a broke. 
  1. All household jobs: in a joint family, barely you can imagine one gets to do may be one or two jobs at the max. so hardly had any experience in terms of cleaning, washing etc. But when started living alone, realized you are the maid, you are the cleaner, you are the laundry man, planter etc. it’s up to you what you want to do, clean or a messy house.
  1. Privacy: The funniest thing that I have done in my room would be roaming with any weird clothes at times without as well (I know sounds weird but not always). You can sit the way you like; be the way you want. Again no one to inform why are you late, where are you going. Freedom!!! 
  1. Bedroom: even now when we sleep together me and my husband, he snores a lot.At times, he comes late from work, and switches on the lights at midnight, and the deep sleep is disturbed. But while you are alone, like imagine u are alone on the bed, king size or queen size, you can snore, keep the light on, switch it off, no one to complain. 
  1. Fearless / responsible – each day, you become stronger, you learn to be responsible like taking care of water, electricity, gas, timely payments be it rent or other bills. You are the watchman as well. 
  1. No rules: you can party if wanted, can have your boyfriend overnight (if your owners have no issues) no restrictions to sit late, or wake up timings. Can sleep anywhere, anyhow. Can eat anywhere.


  1. Feeling lonely: no one to share a thought, speak, joke or laugh at you can get you into tense mode. Listening to slow songs. Emotionally you become weak, and worst part is no one to console you.
  1. Bored quickly: if being at home on a holiday, it becomes bit difficult to spend it, no one being around. Cooking for 1 person is a challenge. Being lazy and less active all times. 
  1. You are the boss: you decide, choose, from the place to live to things that you need.
  2. Expensive: living alone can be expensive. As you must bear the expenses on your own. Grocery most of the times is more expensive and a too much for one person. Which will lead to wastage’s especially if weather changes. 
  1. Safety: theft, owners’ pressure, stranger ringing bill. This stuff can be a challenge as you always must handle yourself.
  2. Shifting homes: Suddenly when you have any issues with the landlord or any tenant in the home, shifting homes overnight can be challenging. But if you have friends you are surely lucky.

Overall, I would sum up by saying that being alone or with someone or with family, it’s your choice. But living alone sometimes, can teach us much more that we will not be able to do when we are living with others. We will start valuing money, health, taking responsibilities. Pros and Cons of living alone are purely based on my experience and through what i have heard or come across. Surely no much bad experiences i had.

You have such experiences do share it with us, so we can read them and share with our readers.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!