Quarantine Period / Social distancing – Life changed all of sudden


When did you hear the word Quarantine or social distancing first time? I know many of them heard it in 2020. For me since i was working in shipping Industry, this word quarantine was used most of the times and i believed this is related to shipping industry only. Only if I knew it was so strong until CORONAVIRUS was all over.

Do Not Let Coronavirus Capture Your Mind

(COVID -19) is a pandemic, a global crisis caused by a coronavirus, which has affected around 190 countries all over the world. People are really frightened and terrified because the virus spreads very quickly from person to person, and till now there is no medication available for the treatment of this disease. Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has announced a lock down and social distancing for 21 days which will be extended further to prevent the further spread of the disease. which was then followed by other countries as well considering the safety of people.

We could feel a lot of negativity and dullness around us because of this quarantine period, but we need to channelize our energy towards positivity. Quarantine is obviously a very tough time as we are restricted from moving outside and are stuck at home, but this is the real-time to count our blessings.

We need to change our perception towards a brighter side and keep our mind balanced and calm. Before this time period of social distancing, our army was the only team of soldiers who protected our country at the time of war, but now our list of soldiers has expanded which includes doctors, nurses and other people working in various hospitals who are available to take care of us, keeping their own lives at risk; the policemen who are roaming around on roads day and night in order to keep a check on us, then why can’t we give our contribution by co-operating with all of these people and following the rules and regulations made by the government for our benefit?

Quarantine Period – Changes that turned out to be challenging.

What things changed during this time of social distancing?  Could you ever imagine of not stepping out of house for days? First i took it lightly, whats the deal, but NO its not that easy. Well, for me it was still ok. But think of joint family, all people at home under one roof.  Its ok for a day or max a week may be but beyond that it can get on to nerves. Short stay home turned for almost more than a month.

  • Life changed for almost everyone, without any choice. No rich no poor, working class, non-working class everyone. All were mostly inside the house.
  • Had to store food / provisions / supplies for upcoming days.
  • Kids are at home as schools were closed, stay at home mums surely had to be the teachers due to e-learning process.
  • Family comes together. Sadly few got stuck if they were travelling, or out for town for some work. Most of the borders were closed.
  • Time restrictions, limited access, sudden changes in the houses as mostly all people are at home.
  • Food deliveries, shopping deliveries, grocery shopping was a bit crazy; few were stopped, while few had some process.
  • Washing hands, using hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves were new thing. Masks and Hand sanitizer price was hiked,
  • .. Maids were also on holidays. Paid leave policy applies to them as well.
  • Fear, anxiety, stress, pressure was too much. Most of them worried about their tomorrows. It highly affected the daily wage workers.
  • Public events / private parties including weddings etc almost everything got cancelled or postponed for later (which is not known when).
  • If gyms, beauty clinics were closed, walking publicly or withing the premises was also limited.
  • Pregnant women, due for delivery, just deliveries families faced challenges.
  • Quarantine Patrolling was strict in most areas to avoid any kind of rules violation.

I have come across lot of stuff what has changed or made people realize which was missed out before this quarantine / social distancing. Data collected from various social media sources. The below changes may not be for all but surely for most, including me.

  • Sitting home made people lazy, no physical interaction made a lot of changes like personal hygiene, gyms were closed hence no exercise. Being at home made binge watching movies / series much easier.
  • Sleeping / waking patterns were completely changed. Eating, watching, sleeping and repeating as trending.
  • For most working from home was much comfortable as meetings were conducted via various free calling options, while few employees were more efficient than normal days.
  • Cooking skills were upgraded for most of them, from celebrities to the common man, we could master chefs in most of the corners. Social media has flooded as a proof.
  • Kids’ learning was fun for most, while challenging for parents. But it is a different experience. While some parents wish and are waiting for schools to open, while few have adjusted.
  • Internet is everything, as everyone lives on it. More apps were used during this time for educational to work related.
  • Surely few pennies were saved during this time, if not a lot. In my case, had stopped unnecessary shopping be it grocery or online shopping.
  • Loved how various helping charities / donation camps

The real winners are the ones who utilize the most difficult times of their life in the best possible way. Have you ever noticed that apart from causing discomfort and trouble, this quarantine period has brought a lot of good things along with it as well, which we can cherish all our life?

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!

Note: Since the data and info keeps changing, hence some info might sound out dated. 
We will try to update as and when possible. 


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