Quitting my job, was on my mind for few months, however, it’s not something that I could attempt without thinking, coz I do have responsibilities, commitments, more importantly, I have been loving my job. But the reason for thinking of quitting was a much-needed break from the day-to-day routine and to explore myself.

Why was it difficult:

  • It was a regular source of income, used to draw a good salary.
  • Feeling of recognized due to my work
  • Had started from scratch and had given my 11 years.
  • Colleagues were my family.
  • Had built a comfort zone, hence most of them felt, my job was pretty easy.
  • Honestly was quite dominating at my workplace as well.

Well, having said the above, there had to be a change, needed some time to relax. But for me, since I decided to quit it became a stress to continue. However, had to plan and have some back-up prior to doing it so.

Well, it’s said, you really wish for something and, you feel that the whole universe helps you get to it.  Something similar happened in my case. There came a point of self-respect. Finally, decided to quit of course after discussing it with my family.

But this is not the case for everyone. I had been planning for last few months, had worked on quite many aspects like visa (since I’m living in a place where I will need to have a valid visa), financials, what to do list, etc.

However, from my experience, would like to share a few pointers prior to planning to quit your job for any reason.

a. Have a plan: as to what you aim to do once you leave the job. If you don’t have a plan, you may end up being a couch potato, may be hooked up with Netflix or your phone.

b. Plan your finances for next few months: Very important, as you are aware of your financial needs – sending money to parents, loans, Credit cards, monthly bills, etc. have sufficient back till you want to start something. Also if you live in a country where a visa is required, then need to work on this as well.

c. Keep yourself involved in any kind of activities: Gym membership, meeting friends, attending some group events, etc. to keep yourself active.

d. Start updating your profile: If planning to search for a next job during this time, start updating your resume and other profiles so opportunities can knock your door.

e. LEARN: enhance your skills that you couldn’t showcase due to your busy life, May be cooking or any other skills. Learn some additional skills or languages or something that you like during this time.

f. Go Lazy: Also enjoy relaxing by sleeping late waking up late, binge watching if there is an option.

g. Friends: don’t forget to catch up with friends to have your time and to surely not miss out any of the gossips.

Must read – https://www.themuse.com/advice/4-lessons-i-learned-from-quitting-my-job-with-no-backup-plan Please do share your comments and your experience if you have attempted quitting your job!

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee.