Ramadan Kareem – A perfect month to look forward to, and a perfect content to post.

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is month of Ramadan. It will not be wrong to
say it is the most awaited month for all the Muslims. Muslims performing all Ramadan
Rituals genuinely get closer to Allah. Performing the holy rituals sincerely produces a
divine feeling inside you. It is something inexpressible. Let's explore something more
about the divine month.Ramadan Kareem

Laylat ul-Qadr

Laylat ul-Qadr (the night of power) is the holiest night of the year (according to Quran).
That night (as Muslims believe) the first revelation of the Quran was sent down to
Muhammad declaring that this night was "better than one thousand months (of proper
worship)", as stated in the Quran. The good deeds performed this night are better than
the ones performed in previous months.

The most common practice during Ramadan is fasting. Why do we fast in Ramdan? its believed is the time for self-reflection, time for devotion, worship.   that this time is the time for The meal before dawn just before the fast is called the Suhur. The meal that breaks the fast is the iftar. Muslims start praying and chanting and continue it for the whole month. They believe that all the doors to heaven are opened and the ones to the hell are closed. Fasting is excluded for who are pregnant, infants, nursing, menstruating and ill or travelling. Fasting here refers to a NO to everything from morning till breaking the fast, including water. Tips for fasting to be followed to maintain your health during this time. Ramadan Kareem

Iftar – At sunset, the meal taken to break their fast is known as iftar. Dates are usually
the first food to break the fast for the belief that Muhammad broke fast with three dates.
After that, Muslims generally adjourn for the Maghrib prayer, after which the main meal
is served.
Social gatherings, many times in a buffet style, are common at iftar. Water is usually
the beverage of choice, but juice and milk are also often prepared, as are soft drinks
and caffeinated beverages.

In the Middle East, Customarily, dessert is the most important part of iftar. Main dishes
served are lamb stewed with wheat berries, lamb kebabs or roast chicken with
chickpea-studded rice pilaf. A rich dessert, luqaimat, baklava or kunafeh (a buttery,
syrup-sweetened kadaifi noodle pastry filled with cheese), is last component of the
meal. Some people often occupy Masjid for large gatherings.

Charity is necessary for all and a fixed amount, Zakāt is donated by everyone. If
someone voluntarily wants to give more or less the amount of Zakāt it is called
Sadaqah. They do a large proportion of good deeds during Ramadan to get the most
from above (God).Ramadan Kareem

Tarawih is the extra Ramadan prayer done by Muslims during this month. Most of them believe they are necessary but some deny it. After all, it is a matter of understanding of a

In addition to fasting, Muslims are urged to read the entire Quran. Some Muslims recite
the entire Quran by means of special prayers, called Tarawih. Quran is recited in the
mosques every night of the month. Although it is not obligated to read the whole Quran
in the Tarawih prayers, it is accepted. Ramadan Dua is recited prior and after fast.

If you are in Dubai, here are few changes & rules that you can need to be aware of:

  1. You are not permitted to eat and drink in public spaces before sunset until Muslims break the fast. But there are some restaurants, cafes and designated food courts that are open during the day, need to follow rules to eat.
  2. The working hours for staff, retail stores, malls and tourist attractions change – but they’re open, do check the amended timings before you go.
  3. Dress respectfully as it’s a time of prayer and humility.
  4. Limited or no party-crazy nightlife. Must avoid Loud music, live bands, etc during Ramadan.
  5. Can expect less crowds / amazing deals at hotels, supermarkets, malls and for various  tourist attractions.

Ramadan Mubarak from Queenbeeszone team

When is Ramadan in 2020? Starts on or around 23rd April and ends on or around 23rd May (depending on the moon)

We queenbeeszone team wishes in advance ramadan mubarak 2020 wishes to all our readers. Hoping to have peace all around the world.

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Note: Most of the details updated are from the info received from known people who celebrate Ramadan. Contact us for any errors. 

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