Searching a rented flat or apartment must be one of the most challenging jobs, as its time-consuming, equally tiring. Finding a perfect home seems so difficult, at times with no choice. And if you find something like your dream house within the budget you planned then surely you are the lucky one.

Well, let’s start it here… 

  • Firstly, check out the location, which is surrounded by basic necessities like groceries, medical pharmacies, bus stations, as per your requirements.
  • Then hire an agent or grab the newspaper and start contacting the ads, for viewing of the flat or apartment.
  • Don’t forget your note pad or make notes on your phone notepad. Write the details of the flat, contact number of the person showing the flat, things that you liked and things that didn’t go well. Rate it from your point of view.
  • You are lucky if you liked it in the first instance but you can go for more options to ensure you have the best. Well if time is the constraint, let it be.
  • Next step is meeting the landlord, understanding their terms and conditions, discussing payments like rents, commissions if any, security deposits, etc. also understand the maintenance, security process prior finalizing the deal.
  • Upon sorting the above get into the process of documentation like your ID proof, signing of the cheques, rental contract signature, etc.
  • Discuss your terms if you have any, as the landlord will add all his terms on the rental contract. Most importantly do not forget to read the contract prior signing. If required take a photocopy, read at ease and then sign. Clarify for doubts if any.
  • Upon completing the above, apply for the electricity connection, move to your new rented house.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the rental flat or apartment: 

  1. Budget to be kept in mind for rent, shifting expenses, commission, deposit, etc.
  2. Avoid opting to choose a flat next to the garbage room to avoid mostly uninvited guests (bugs or pests)
  3. If you plan to move with your family, avoid bachelor’s apartments besides. 
  4. Commuting options especially school buses arrival points to be checked.
  5. Note the closest landmark. 
  6. Check for building parking preferably inside the building underground or ground floor. (Covered parking).
  7. If you are a pet lover, do check if pets are permitted.
  8. Don’t forget to read the tenancy contract with regards to cancellation prior completion of the contract and cheques bouncing issues.

Hope the above info will help you chose more wisely. “Knowledge shared is knowledge gained is shared”. 

Happy Living!!!

Do share your experience or update if I’ve missed on something. 

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee.