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Roti Maker: A Necessity In Today’s World

An Overview Of The New Ways Of Cooking

In this era of globalization, technological development is taking place fast. Now-a-dayss, everything is possible with the help of machines. Just a click of a button can get you everything at your home. Cooking has no longer remained a cumbersome process. 

You have all the electronic appliances available with you to make your work easier. Nobody prefers working long hours in the kitchen. Everybody wants things to be done instantly. You can heat vegetables and other foodstuffs just within a 3-5minutes in a microwave.

 Vegetables can be chopped within seconds in an electric chopper. Grilled sandwiches can be made within a few minutes in the newly designed grill sandwich maker. There are several other examples which reflect technology advancement. One such latest electrical appliance is Automatic Roti Maker.roti maker

What is Rotimatic And How Can It Be Used?

Rotimatic is an automated appliance used for making flatbreads. It has been invented by Pranoti Nagarkar Israni and Rishi Israni who are an Indian couple. The worldwide retail price of Rotimatic is Rs.999 which is an affordable price.

One can cook rotis and other flatbreads like puris and tortillas by adding portions of flour, oil, water and any other additional ingredients into the designated compartments. 

After you have selected the level of softness, thickness and oiliness, you can press the button, and then the machine makes the dough, flattens the dough and cooks the roti for you. 

Once the machine has fully heated up, it takes around a minute to make one roti. It takes about more than 5 minutes for the machine to heat up fully. 

Malaysia is the manufacturing country of Rotimatic. 

Now you can cook so many rotis quickly. You do not have to stand endlessly in the kitchen for cooking dishes and making flatbreads. If you have a joint family, Rotimatic can be advantageous as you can cook so many rotis in a short time. 

 If you have come from your office and you are exhausted, you can hand over your duty to Rotimatic. You will get the same softness and crispiness in the roti as you used to get by cooking through traditional methods. There are no side effects in cooking roti in an automated roti maker. It provides you with a sense of relief in such a hectic schedule of daily life.

It’s Not Called Dependence, It Is Known As Smart Work

Using an automated roti maker does not reflect our dependence over machines; instead, it can be referred to as smart work. You can save your precious time, and the energy which would have been otherwise used in cooking rotis on the stove can now be utilized in a rational way. 

You can make your life easy by taking the best advantage of technology. Using such electrical appliances means that you are also progressing and updating your knowledge. Both men and women can use automated roti maker, and it contributes a bit to bridge the gap between gender differences.

Things to consider prior buying: 

  • Roti size: Plate Diameter 15cm. Its Perfect Size for roti.
  • Apply bit of oil while pressing the roti
  • Weight of the machine is around 3 – 4 kgs
  • Buy only branded product, exchange may not be available. No Warranty on most of the brands.

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