happy couple happy relationship is a special post as we celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary this Dec 2019.

I was asked some days back, being married for 12 years, what your advice would be. But I don’t have any advice’s with regards to marriage. But it’s up to you as to how you want to live your life with your partner. Compromise, trust, love, keeping the spark alive, respect at the same time enjoying at your best. Making moments so precious that they set an example for others.

I would say, over the years if I must look back and see what we have been doing together to call our marriage a successful one, below are few points that cross my mind.

happy couple happy relationship

happy couple happy relationship

  1. Greetings in the Morning: this is followed for years now. Even if we are travelling, we try texting each other.
  2. Calling during the day: not mandatory but he does sometimes to find out how my day was, I do sometimes to check what to cook. while we update each other on our whereabouts, or delays for any reasons.
  3. Helping each other: He helps me in the kitchen while I cook, he cleans. It’s not only about kitchen, but also be it my family issues, or my work or his anything. We are just there for each other.
  4. Lazy on weekends: the best days for us are our weekends. These are the real treat days, as during the week, we barely get time to see each other, so weekends, we sleep late, wake up late, do nothing kind stuff. But then there are weekends, where we both are energized and ready to do a lot of homework like cleaning, sorting, dusting, etc.
  5. Our time: Every time we sit for dinner (that’s the meal we have together) we make a point to watch a serial or movie. This is become compulsory, unless someone is joining us for dinner.
  6. Respect each others space: I go out with my friends; he enjoys at home. I sit in the bedroom n do my personal work, be it sitting on the blog or writing contents or just do nothing, he does not interfere. Of course, if we are on our own for say more than an hour then we end up disturbing.
  7. Secrets: Our phones passwords are known to each other, while I keep changing, and he doesn’t bother to change the display picture even. We do share our whereabouts.
  8. Talk and talk – I do it. I can keep asking him anything. Out best discussion spot is our car. We sit in the car and we start from finances, to family, to parents. To be honest, most of the big decisions are taken in the car I can say.
  9. Treating each other: we do this almost every time. Can say for even silly reasons. Sometimes just to avoid cooking and cleaning job. We love it. Sometimes he pays the bills while sometimes I do.
  10. Maturity: I treat him as a matured person while he always feels I need someone to take care of me. When truth is he relies on me for most of the things. Other ways I can say we both are incomplete without each other.
    happy couple happy relationship

    happy couple happy relationship

  11. We are creepy: seriously, we can speak anything, like farting, bad stomach experience anything. And we will not judge the other.

On the contrary, we don’t want you to believe that we don’t fight or argue. We used to do a lot at the initial stages. But over the years we have realized, our fights were baseless. Mostly fights would be for money. We have worked towards working on how to avoid fights between us. Off late when I’m angry I show the anger on utensils, doors, his clothes etc. which he understands that something is wrong. No, he doesn’t pamper me, but yes at times ignores.

It’s no denial that, either of us goes calm or avoid any situation that can create fight.

Well will write something more on how we handle our hard times as well during the upcoming days.

If you think you have something to share as to your relationship secrets that are a reason for happy living, please do share.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!