If someone would ask me this question some years back, I would have said an immediate answer “YES”. Then I was thinking money is everything for everyone. Over the time I have realized how life, how family, relationship, a home runs.

A woman is considered POWERFUL not just in books but also in real world. Few women have chosen not to work for money outside the home and instead put in all the efforts, energy, time, and affection to provide a good and clean house to her family is usually known as a housewife.

She cooks, cleans dishes, does laundry, takes care of the child, goes for grocery shopping, and whatnot. Further, she also has to keep track of the expenses; all while serving her family and community.

She is usually referred to as a mom or homemaker. The job that has no time limit and is the most underrated one is the job of a housewife. To talk further on this subject, we got to focus on what do the husbands do or what is their capability to work. By doing so, first of all, we will conclude on what is going to be our scope of competition. Plus, this way, we will be able to know the capabilities of the husbands at their workplace. So let us compare the work profiles of both the genders right from the time they wake up.

A housewife is at work right from the time she opens her eyes in the bed, or to put it the other way around, her work starts even before she has her first sip of the so-called bed tea. Also, before the husband has set his first step down from the bed in the morning, the housewife might have already finished at least ten different chores in the house by then.

A woman is someone who knows that staying at home is no embarrassment. A woman is also someone who knows how to transform a house into a home. Also, she makes it a place where you would love to return.

A Housewife is a woman who provides a healthy, warm, and clean house where her children and husband can grow and prosper— a housewife who would love a husband who comes home and helps his wife in the household chores. Husbands should be grateful to their wives for all the work that they do for their home. That’s the reason she is called a housewife.

Still in our country housewives are not treated nicely and are considered as they just lie around and watch television all day long. Husbands do not believe that their homemaker wife does an equal amount of work or sometimes more jobs than he does at his workplace.

From taking care of his children, family, and house, she also keeps a check on the smallest needs of every member. From clothes to food and from shopping to grocery, she is in charge of every department. One day she is a cook the other day she is a doctor, and in the blink of an eye, she becomes your friend.

Staying at home is her choice; taking care of the family is her choice, and she does it beautifully. Think about a day without your wife, and you will understand what all she does for you and the family.

Though we all live in an educated society, still the male ego does not let us believe that our partner, even though it is a housewife, has equal respect and entirely does her job. The daily routine of an ordinary housewife is no less than a battleground.

She starts working the moment she opens her eyes and works till the time she is asleep. With the BPO culture growing in our country, some wives do not get proper sleep at night and have to keep their children disciplined during the day.

It is high time as a society must accept and respect the females who choose to be housewives. She works hard and gets anxiety attacks and further, breaks into tears when her 2-year-old says “no!” for the 100th time to eat food, wash three loads of laundry, wash all the dishes, go shopping in the grocery store with two crying kids who get sick and throw up in the street. Thereafter, she comes home and cleans up the kids and starts cooking dinner with both the kids hanging around.

Mostly, she is never acknowledged for what she does and doesn’t even get any paycheck.

My mother has been a housewife, home maker most of her life. Taking care of the house, having kids, taking care of them, kitchen stuff all that is required was taken care by her. While my dad was purely the head of family. Major decisions, financial needs, school, college fees, building house or renting etc were all dads worries. I feel my parents were sharing the duties.

On the contrary, the question should not be raised as by thinking of paying the housewives, we are making them consider as a different entity. From my point of view, wife has all the right on her husband’s earnings. She has all the rights and liberty to use it for her needs, which I’m sure mostly all the women do. I earn yet I end up taking money from my husband. But treating housewives as house maids or limiting their freedom or not giving them importance should never be tolerated. It’s always said, EQUALITY begins at home, so this slogan should be followed by all, as a default.

Monetary may not be required by everyone, LOVE, CARE, AFFECTION, RESPECT, VALUING their importance and APPRECIATION are some of the most important factors for a women.

So what would you do after reading this article, I would say take a flower, or a gift and give it to the most beautiful woman in your life, who has got you into this world or who has chosen to be the part of your life.

Do share your thoughts on this context.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!