Are you tight on budget? But you have ideas that you want to share with the world. You don’t have to share them on social media networking sites. Believe it or not, you can share your content on your blog without spending a dollar.

You: Wow, is that true?

Blogging is a great way to start your own business. People like reading information that adds value to their lives. People pay to read good written articles every day. Don’t you have to pay for magazines and online article sites?

But starting it for free or maybe getting paid for it is a fabulous idea.

So, I present to you a list of the best sites where you can start blogging for free in 2021.


If you are looking to blog for free and you want to do that without getting in trouble of signing up for several forms and designing your blog from scratch, this option is for you.

Posting your first blog is a matter of minutes. You need to sign up for and get started with your username and password, and that’s it. However, if you want to earn money, sign up for the Medium partnership program, and medium would start paying you for the reading time its paid members spend on your blog post.

Medium is a great place to get started because of several reasons. It already has a big following. You can use their audience. Reading the most-read articles will give you insight into how an article gets popular.

Google answer’s your question of how to blog for free by providing this website. Blogger is a free service that Google designed to promote blogging and content creation. The best part is you can also monetize your – – blog.

You only need to get original when you write to get a good score at Google. Google lets you make several blogs, and therefore it expects that you create a niche based blog. However, you can also focus on general blogs.

Google allows monetization with Google Adsense. So you need to follow the AdSense rules of having at least 15-30 content to be allowed for it.

Blogger has an inbuilt system for indexation. It is also a fast loading website that gives your blog an SEO advantage. Blogger’s blog is also mobile-friendly. Since Google takes care of most of that, you are free to focus on your content.


WordPress powers more than 39.7% of the Internet. WordPress CMS is open-source software for website development. Moreover, WordPress also allows bloggers to develop their blogs for free. However, you have to design your free WordPress blog from scratch.

Don’t worry! You are not coding. Setting up a site is really easy with WordPress.

To find out more about WordPress, check out my article on All about WordPress.


Wix is really great. You would love the Wix drag and drop website development tool. Surprisingly, Wix is a free website builder. Wix also provides a free hosting service.

You need to sign up for Wix and start creating your blog. Wix has several free themes and templates that you can use to develop a Wix site.

But that’s not all Wix has a quick loading time. Wix sites are attractive to the audience. They get hooked to the looks. getting started with Wix is a great option.


Tumblr is one of the best free blogging websites. It is more of a social networking-oriented kind of blogging service. It is great for media shares, like images or videos. Its interface gives you the freedom to do a lot more than other free services.

You can also get your Tumblr blog to monetize, use affiliate links, and use Google analytics. What else do you need to get started?

With Tumblr, you have many options to backup your content. However, the rules are strict here, as well. No copyright matter. So be careful.


Joomla is also like WordPress software. It is free to use but needs an independent host. However, the interface looks pretty familiar. Similar to that of the Microsoft Word. The Best part is that Joomla can be used for developing a more complex website if you decide to turn your blog into a store any time in the future.

Joomla’s only limitation, like that of WordPress, is that it does not have a free hosting system. But don’t worry, I have got you covered.


Here is a special bonus for you. If you want to start blogging on your blog, you need a domain and host. This hosting website will provide both for free. Although you will get a subdomain, that’s as great. You can install WordPress on this hosting site with one simple click.

000Webhost allows you to transfer your website when you feel confident and buy your domain.

Naturally, with such solutions available only, you should start at once. If you do not start, you are missing a lifetime opportunity. Being free does not mean it will be so forever. Many sites have ceased to do so.

So what to do?

So these are a few of the free blogging sites, that I have gone through prior to starting my own. Start blogging today before it gets too late. While they are plenty more on the list.

Most people tend to miss their chance to do the right thing. But don’t trade your 5 to 9 for blogging just as yet. Work on weekends and develop your passion. These and other things will go a long way. My best advice for my readers is that never let go of your dreams. Keep dreaming and keep believing.

We hope this content has been helpful in terms of motivating you to start your own blog soon.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!