Summer is coming; a season of fun is yet to start. Out of necessity, you’ve probably figured out some bright plans for your holidays. But have you considered getting the best output out of your summer? Have you considered first your WELLBEING?

Dealing with your diversified programs during summer can be a challenge since the best parts of summer — like outdoor activities and warm, sunny days requires a lot of effort.

Summer varies at different places, preferably starting from Feb to May in India while it starts from May to September, Maybe extended till Mid October in GCC, you need to keep some basic life standards:

1. Stay Hydrated

Many people underestimate the importance of water. But keeping hydrated can significantly improve your confidence during summer. Water will give you healthy skin and shiny hair that you always want to ramp outside the pool.

 Staying hydrated, however, is more than just drinking more water as it can be quite tasteless and boring. But don’t get despair as there are more to hydration than merely picking up an extra bottle of water at the gym.

2. Stress-Free Holidays

Holiday planning has changed in recent years thanks to internet booking and the availability and appeal of late deals. Thus you can enjoy your time with a well-scheduled trip, or a clear program for your days.

Furthermore, stress is generally a result of overthinking about work or professional engagements.

Our minds are often overburdened with thoughts; worrying about the future, problem-solving, or reminiscing about the past.

This is why you should have your tasks finished before leaving work and think positively in your emotions and your thoughts.

Keep coming back to simplicity inside your own mind as an end in itself: the simple truth that at this moment, each moment, it is actually all right. The pure fullness of being in the present, not regretting the past or worrying about or planning the future.

3. Be Savvy About the sun

The primary purpose of being exposed to the sun is to take advantage of the vitamin D that is also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin.’ This vitamin improves brain functions, and a yearly amount of sunlight is required for every person.

But be aware! Sunlight can cause severe damage to the skin, not only by inflicting serious burn if the skin is exposed for too long, but this also carries an increased risk of skin cancer.

Also, there’s the general aging effect of UVA radiation. Using sunscreen is therefore very important. Also, a wise choice of your skin screens and creams is mandatory.

Yours Truly,