When i had been to my friends place some years back, I was surprised she was watching something on her phone. I was curious to know, what was she doing with the phone while we were having a conversation. And then she showed me a live video of her house back in India. Since her parents were living by themselves and she was out of India, her siblings were also away, she was always worried about their security. What if they hurt themselves, or locked up, or what if strangers just entered the home etc., they were growing old. But she is being away was for her life but taking care of her parents was also required.

It was not that she would fly down, but she had few emergency contacts who could be there to assist her, including local police, ambulance, few doctors etc.

Well this was years back, so I was surprised then.

But then when I was working in a Corporate company, the cameras stuff was not so important, cameras were there but only at certain places like accounts section or IT room or at Entrance. I happened to see my colleague doing the same, and again I was surprised. She had cameras all over the house, as she had a baby who was taken care by a nanny. Off late we see such horrible stories of how maids treat the little kids. She would monitor them during her free time, while sometimes the live video would be playing all time.The Big Boss

Now, till I joined this new company, I never experienced it for myself. I was surprised while our office was being renovated, our company told they will be installing cameras. I was expecting may be for accounts purpose as there would be funds transactions, but then it surprised me in a 400 sq. ft area space had 3 cameras, literally covering all the corners of the office, except for boss cabin and our pantry.

When it was being installed, I was so upset, I checked myself if there was any space that could be hidden, and literally NO. I checked with the technicians where are the connections, and I was shocked, there is one connection of the same in the other branch + mobile access to managers.

It’s not that we are sitting in the office would want to do something non-sense, but imagine you are being monitored all the time. Like, I was so upset for few days, literally felt every time I entered the office someone is watching me. I was conscious of how I sit, when I get up, where I go, what I do. I felt creepy about it.

To add it up, it added more fuel on the fire when my colleague informed me of an instance that happened in my office, which he happened to watch over the screen at the branch office. Now was this required? So, it was very clear that we were watched by someone or the other.

But then I told myself, leaving the job is the only. but sad part was my colleagues never spoke about it with our boss / management, as all needed a job. I started to tell myself, I surely cannot change for anyone. SO, WHAT if they are watching me, it’s good for them. That’s when I started to take it easy told myself, what if you are not a part of BIG BOSS show, you are living it live. Just that we don’t hear the BIG BOSS voice. But surely, we get emails or WhatsApp’s from our HR if we are late or went missing for long.

Things to be avoided by management if they are watching on cameras:

  • Watching the screens in front of guests rather public viewing
  • Micro-managing all times and addressing these little things or comparing performancesThe Big Boss

But then, surely cameras are needed in any of the offices:

  • To avoid any theft.
  • Safety of staff and the office.
  • Cash handling

Well, also realized that, since it was not a corporate company, it was Company’s responsibility to take care of the staff, safety of staff and office. It’s been a month or so, I’ve adjusted to the camera life. Not enjoying it but surely, I’m more conscious of how I look, what I do.

Overall, fact is these days cameras are common and are available at almost every corner, from streets to homes, from malls to small grocery shops. Yes, if you are new to deal with it, yes, it’s a bit strange. But we need to accept it at some point.

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