Hell, it’s true it’s been almost 2 years since I left my corporate job. Yes, I did leave my 11+ years corporate job in 2018. It was a decision taken with the heaviest heart. This job was everything, till I felt, yes, I am done. While I was working, I felt I will resign from here when I am 60.

I started my major life’s career with this job, from scratch, with absolutely no knowledge. It was then a necessity. But the company accepted me, trained me, groomed me. I never got a chance to think anything beyond this job. This corporate job of mine gave me a path to build my dreams, achieve goals, follow success. And there was no looking back.

Many people joined, many left, managers kept changing, saw many promotions, built a family. This job became my life. But then there are times when life sucks. Really. Well, in my case it took almost 11 years to get into that state.

There were times, I was worried, how will it be when I leave this job? But then the insecurities are always going to be there.

Do I regret leaving my job? – yes and No. As said, it was one of the most difficult situations of my life. In short, my previous company was cool. I had friendly co-workers, decent work, flexible hours, career growth, sufficient pay, and benefits, etc.

A lot would be changed. PayScale will stop, what’s next is not known, the job market is not that great, do I want to work, I am not sure, those easy days, the routine would change completely. But then over time, I feel that was one of the best decisions I took. Since there I hear a lot of drastic changes that have been taken place, old people have asked to leave, PayScale cuts, lower salary staffs hired, office location has been shifted, and surely is there is a different level of management and process. If it was not then, surely later I would do it. As this had become my COMFORT ZONE.

But I don’t regret my choice, coz I have worked hard, been honest, built myself, and chosen myself to take this step. And surely was confident, better is always ahead of me. I need to go on the Dare challenge with life. After quitting I had a feeling of relief, freedom which was missing for a while.

What did I learn from the corporate experience?

  • Here’s the first one – meetings are irrelevant and majorly a waste of time unless you’re in a managerial, or product management position.

Lesson Learnt: Find a way to avoid meetings irrelevant to you rather request for the minutes of the meeting from someone who attended it, so not just you everyone is updated on the discussions.

  • I feel most employees are bound with financial threats -debts/commitments. It’s quite obvious that as our salaries increase, so do our spending/lifestyle. It’s obvious we follow the herd. Like a car on loan, Home on loan, if not loans surely survive with credit cards. I have been like this.

Lesson Learnt: Its easy to give advice, but honestly don’t buy the things you don’t need, with the money you don’t have (credit card)

  • Man, this is REAL – Those whom you think to care about you – they only act as they do. In reality, no one cares, there can be exceptions. Yeah, professionally, they would be concerned. To be honest, as I said, care is a huge word to be throwing around for such behavior. It’s obvious, they just look out for you professionally at best.

Lesson Learnt: Limit your trust towards people to have your best interest in mind.

  • Most emails are just B.S. Ohh, yeah I cant be wrong here. The new concept of common email proves it here. Surely, out of the 1000 emails in your inbox, you could do away without seeing at least 800 of them.

Lesson Learnt: Learn to manage emails and respond only to those that are directly relevant or something that you can have some value add. It’s tough in today’s time, but find a way out.

  • You’re just a number. We are just like the Fixed deposits to our company that has invested in, that gives them the ROI they expect.

Once we start failing to give them the ROI they expect, they will gladly replace you for someone else whom they feel is more efficient, better, and cost-efficient too. If somebody better comes along who gives a better ROI, the company won’t bat an eye while firing and replacing you.

Lesson Learnt: old saying but true – Love your job, don’t love your company.

  • Again this one is from personal experience – You may think of most people around you as friends and such – but, the day you leave your company – within two days, you’ll be forgotten or may be ignored. Once you’re gone, nobody talks about you. Nobody remembers you. It’s as if you didn’t exist there.

This is unless you were someone who was indispensable like the sole person with the knowledge of an entire domain, a super-awesome manager, a top-level developer lead, or something. And we all know, Companies rarely let someone become indispensable and irreplaceable. They always have someone primed to take our place.

Lesson Learnt: Try not to be attached to people and the place of work.

  • Based on recent surveys, I read 99% of the people in corporate jobs are deeply unhappy.

Almost everyone is unhappy about their jobs. They drown themselves in social media, movies, tv shows, and other such things to avoid facing the growing discontent within them. They do everything in their influence to keeping running away from facing that unhappiness. They all know it deep down. But all are tied – to plastic money, to debts, to loans, to addictions, to liabilities, to habits, and so on. Most of them are tied to some kind of inevitability.

Lesson Learnt: Don’t tie yourself to certainty. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone

  • Then there are that remaining 1 % of the people who are happy are almost always the ones who love what they do to the core – the ones who came to that field with a hunger for what they do, and are often seen in senior or top/decorated positions with a better package. They know that if they wanted to leave, they could leave and they’d do it any time and can have another job or a backup ready.

Lesson Learnt: Keep educating yourself, and always keep looking out for yourself. Be ready to jump, even if it’s risky. Coz Risk hai toh Ishq hai.

  • If you’re single or if you’re a relatively new joiner (1-2 years in the company), people in your team (especially the married ones, the old guys, the seasoned ones) will mostly expect you to work late hours, late nights, or maybe even night shifts. Especially, if they stay up late hours, they will definitely expect you to stay.

Lesson Learnt: Firstly, start to follow office timings strictly. Try to complete your work in a timely manner so you can leave on time. Being single or no responsibilities does not mean you should spend all your time at the office. Yes, it can reflect or be the highlight during the appraisal. But then in the long run, it can benefit you positively.

  • Ok, If you complete your work before the deadline, you are mostly loaded with more work, this is old school thought process.

Lesson Learnt: When you’re with the devil, learn to do the devil’s work – and if you’re really desperate for holding on to that job.

  • Due to the monotonous work-life, people find themselves so busy and end up eating unhealthy and eat shit. Just a few of them actually build discipline around their lifestyle to eat clean and stay healthy.                                                                                Lesson Learnt: People tend to be busy, and end up eating junk mostly. Not only that those small treats, in the form of breakfast or lunch or evening snacks, become a habit. Especially if you have a stronger staff strength. Don’t follow other people. Try to discipline yourself Eat clean and healthy while at work, which will surely help you to have a rock-solid body which is under your control for your later age.

Spend your entire career for the company, but once you go against or if they feel you are against them, you’ll be chucked out and the entire system will be against you.

Years of blood, sweat and tears would be forgotten in a heartbeat and you’d be detested. Learn that, The system (i.e. the company) protects itself, no one else.

But then, life is all about making choices. One cannot have it all in life 🙂

Proceed, coz more beautiful future is waiting for you.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!