Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog


If you want to learn how to start a profitable blog, this article is for you.

I had started blogging back in 2019. And over two years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that I believe If I knew before, I could have done things way better.

Starting a blog is pretty straightforward. Follow the step-by-step process, and you are done. But building your audience to read your blog is a different story. It takes more than writing. Do read – HOW TO START A BLOG

During my journey as a blogger, I had many Aha moments. These and other experiences of a full-time blogger makes a newbie the Pro Seasoned Blogger.

If you have just started, this is a good read for you – what to know before starting a blog. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Pro Tips in Brief:

  1. Search Engine Optimization:
  2. Blank Spaces:
  3. Trendy Topics:
  4. Spend Money
  5. Plan Your Blog Carefully
  6. Writing more is not the answer; consistency makes you shine:
  7. Take help:
  8. Keep Backups of Your Blog Posts:
  9. Copyrights
  10. It’s a 24/7 JOB

Search Engine Optimization:

Blog SEO tips!

When I started, SEO was quite different. If you go ten years back, you would realize SEO was pretty simple. Before, one just had to do the keyword concentration, and it was done. But then users rejected spammers, and Google had to update its SEO algorithm.Now SEO is a lot more than keyword density.

Now you need to do a lot to rank for any keyword. So, either understand SEO well yourself or employ an SEO expert to optimize your website. I am a DIY person, but this saves a lot in the long run.

Blank Spaces:

Blog writing tips!

Most people believe blogging is all about writing. But what would make of the blank space that you have left? Is there a way to use the blank space to make your content more engaging and interesting?

Answer: Yes!

Use black spaces because research suggests that using blank spaces makes the content more interesting to read. You can relate this idea to the book that you might have read. You will notice that they use a double-spacing format in their books.

Many bloggers that make their content in this format get more engaging readers. Not only that but also to make your content more interesting, experts suggest, write brief and short sentences.

Trendy Topics:

Blog traffic tips!

Many bloggers start writing their content without the research that is required for their material. Their effort doesn’t pay off much. The reason is that they don’t look for trending stories and topics that everyone is doing in the market. Believe it or not, writing on fresh trending topics is the only fast way of gathering an audience.

Trending topics have their potential audience because of their viral nature. People are talking about the topic all over the social networking site. Getting a piece of this audience for your blog is a delight you cannot miss.

If you want to know more about finding trending topics, stay tuned for our upcoming posts. we will help you in this.

Spend Money

Bloggers don’t realize this until they spend a month writing a blog on a free platform. They realize that they have to spend money to start their blog with their copyrights on it. After a month, this comes as a realization upon us because the platform doesn’t pay much. The problem gets worse when they tell you that they have the right to take off anything on your blog. You have to follow their rules, and you end up confused.Thinking: What could I have done right to save myself from this trouble!

Plan Your Blog Carefully

Starting a blog without a plan can be pretty bad. Just think of it as a full-time job without pay! You work 24/7, and at the end of the month, you realize that you have not achieved anything serious. So plan very carefully before starting to write for your blog. Take some time and make a comprehensive plan.

Writing more is not the answer; consistency makes you shine:

They say hard work is the key to success. I say Shut Up! Work Smart! It’s 21 century, and if you are still not doing that, you should change. Flooding your audience with content doesn’t catch their attention; they may get overwhelmed.

Blogging Gurus suggest that you should write blog posts once or twice a week. But maintain consistency. If you publish a post every Friday, that’s a great choice. Continue that.

Take help:

in the list of things I wish I knew I am sure this is the most critical one. It can be very challenging especially if you are an introvert or new amongst the immediate circle to start blogging. Most of the bloggers think they can do it all alone. But that is not right.

It takes a village to make a blog successful. Do not think of it as a one-man’s crusade. It takes a whole team to make a blog successful. But if you are working alone, you should spend several times more time on promoting your website.

So don’t be shy to take help. Everybody else does.

Keep Backups of Your Blog Posts:

It can be a pretty astonishing situation when you realize that your blog has been corrupted or taken down due to any reason. All the work and all the years that you have given are gone. The only damage control you can do that time is hope that the hosting service has a backup. Why would any rely on others for their own treasure? Therefore, it is highly advised to keep a backup for your work in your computer or cloud.


It is a serious problem. Therefore, I recommend always checking the copyright labels before uploading anything on your website. If it is free to use, then you can use them. If it requires attribution, do use it without following attributions. Make sure you do not have anything that may put a copyright claim on your page.

It’s a 24/7 JOB

If you are planning to leave your 9 to 5 job for blogging, then know this. It is a 24/7 job. Plan your life accordingly.

if you think we have missed out on any points that you have come across, do write to us at With all these ideas factors in mind, I believe you can start your blogging career. So best of luck.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!


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