I know if anyone told me these things, I surely would not show any interest in listening, rather would be irritated at them, and would feel being tortured. But wish someone explained it to me in a manner which I understood, bribed me or paid me to listen. It would be a lot more different life now. Well, its not too bad though.

So here we go…

Study Well – Yes, studying well, in terms of getting good marks could have helped in scholarship or some fees discounts, which could lead in going for higher studies. At that time, studies were a burden. No one was studying thinking of future, but it was a necessity to get pass marks.

Most things in life are not permanent –during childhood if someone told us anything it would hurt so much, but then over the years you realize its okie. So, don’t take anything to heart or make it so personal. Just don’t worry what anyone is thinking about u, as it doesn’t matter.

Follow your passion –during school days, when they asked what you wanted to become, there were numerous different answers heard, but after studies, you see people doing something different. Wish someone had guided correctly to speak while at school or once the studies were completed. Everything may not be a success but without attempting we cannot

All that you see is not so real –I had this craze for movies and serials, always was low as the celebrities were gorgeous, beautiful, love stores were mesmerizing. But then no one tried to tell what it goes through to be a star. Now when I have realized it, it way too far. Collecting posters, sticking it to cupboards, trying to buy those matching jewelries or clothes was a huge waste. Rather should have made a style of my own for myself and followed it.

Should have taken advice on various career choices –after college studies’ getting a job was all that mattered. Did not take time to understand what the various options that could be explored are. Do we need to work from 8 – 6 or start something on our own. What is better for future?

Don’t compare – this has started from childhood, being in joint family, staying with cousins together it was obvious. They are fair, we are wheatish, they wore same dress, we need the same. They are going for karate classes, and we are useless, so on… I’m sure the list will never end. From home to school,

Everything is figure-out-able – no hurry for anything. Everything has a solution. Every day shall pass by. They say time heals; this is the truth. There is no shortage of jobs

No, we are not Poor – yes, we are not poor, just that we do not know how to manage things within our budgets. I always thought we were poor since I was comparing ourselves with extremely filthy rich people. We did not have luxuries, but everything that was needed was made available. Though this thought was good motivation to achieve success, but then lot of things suffered with this blockage.

Do something as a part time – right, a website, blogging, content writing or various other options that can help you grow on your own. Do part time work be it teaching, learn art, cooking etc. anything that could make you feel happy.

Certain things cannot be changed – everything cannot be planned. So, let it be, keep cool, be calm. Everything will be fine. Always have a plan B for Plan A.

Health – this should be taken care from your born, skin is very important. When my parents would say it’s a veg day today that would be most depressing. Always been eating non-veg. Wish I could listen to my parents and would have eaten more of veggies, a glass of milk, eaten fruits from then, may be skin would be great and most importantly would have a healthy routine with me forever. Today how people talk about lifestyle change, eat healthy all this if someone would have trained from then, it would so much easier.

Upgrade your skills – yes, in my school drawing, dancing classes were free, yet never joined. During summer holidays could have learnt the art of tailoring now I would be called as a fashion designer. Some beauty courses at least would be proud I saved some pennies every month.

Well these are few things that crossed my mind, when jotting down. But I’m sure you have lot more which could be shared. Please do let us know so we can enjoy reading and sharing the same.


Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!