After you cross 30 life is not the same. It’s changed a lot since teens, but when you turn 30 this digit itself makes you feel you have grown too old.

When I was a teen I wanted to grow up, wanted to do a lot of things. For me I started an independent life since I was 24 yrs old. But now, thirty plus has made me feel extremely old. I miss being with my parents, being less responsible, I miss being so protected.

Anyways, things are not name, age, days, time can never be got back. So, spending it wisely is something that I would want. Making it memorable is my aim.

So, here are few things I miss doing which I should have done prior hitting my 30’s. As said, there is no age limit to do anything anytime but yes surely could be better off if started early. List of things to do before 30

  1. Fall in Love n have a breakup and find someone who is close to you –I was lucky enough to experience this before I turned 25. Fell in love and it was a dream. He made me believe in love, that affection, that attention it had all that I needed. But then worst was the break-up. Break-up was nothing less than depression. This was enough for me to kill myself… but must say thanks to my parents who helped me overcome this big challenge of my life.

But over the years, realized the love I felt

things to do before you turn 30


with my man, it was ultimate and there cannot be any other. However, he found me back and we are happy married for more than 12 yrs now. So, I think everyone should fall in love. While break-up is not a must, but its another level of experience.


Here marrying and having kids can be a part, well this is individual choice.  For me marrying having a kid is not settlement in life, its being more responsible.

Don’t miss to find the one who can be close to your heart, who can be with, walking with you.

  1. Travel –you are young, energetic, healthier honestly its one of the perfect things to be done. Travelling teaches you lot of things from being patient, to be responsible. How to deal with challenges, value money etc. etc. It’s a fun journey. You can do it anytime but starting it from 20s is much better.


3. Eat all that you can (moderately): we were healthy, skinny, could eat all that we could, but we never had many options. It was expensive as well. But now I realize that should have built a taste of various other cuisines. At the same time, should have been taking care of health. Eat and not add weight should have been slogan.


4. Try new things n its okie be disappointed at times –For me trying to leave my parents and moving out of my hometown was best challenge ever. It has changed me from every perspective. Everyone one wants a happy, positive life. But its okie, if things are not going your way. May be life wants to teach you something more and better stuff which would make you stronger ahead. Not every day is same, same way, not all bad that happens end with bad. So, experiment new stuff and prepare for disappointment at the same time.

things to do before you turn 30


5. Experience working under someone and being an entrepreneur: I was very sure, I wanted to work for a big company. Have that monthly salary, enjoy holidays etc. Since I was never into entrepreneurship it was easy for me to decide what I wanted. This is the time to decide to move on make a choice to make a difference in life for rest of your life. Tomorrow is never easy, but today surely can be made easy.


  1. Learn new skills –let me discuss the things I learnt then, I started riding 2-wheeler, then got a 4-wheeler license. I missed learning tailoring and beautician. Apart from this I always wanted to learn Photoshop which I regret every day. Off late there are so many online courses which I do try, as my current work life does not spare so much time to go and attend classes. So I feel learning before 30’s is really fruitful, not only helps in deciding what you want to do further, but also can help you earn some extra pocket money.


  1. Live by yourself for some time –I was alone when I moved from India to Dubai, initially I thought I could never survive for long here, as I was never away from my parents, always being guarded. But being alone made me realize how to live? What life is? How to make decisions? How to be protective? I’m an independent person may be being alone is a reason.
things to do before you turn 30


  1. Learn finances: When I started working, I barely had any commitments, but then when I started taking the responsibility of day to day expense that’s when I started to realize what I’m earning is not at all enough. I could barely save or invest from my salary. I always, wish I started my career with a good salary so it would be easy to build myself. Save, invest, learn the art of balancing your money.


Honestly, if I could save a bit from the earnings, may be retirement age could be preponed for me say I could retire by 35 or so.


  1. Voice up: you need to speak up in the crowd. Else you will be never recognized. Be it at work or home. Your opinion counts. Your advice matters. It will make a difference. i always got scared to speak in front of my dad, uncles – not that they would shout at me, but I always felt they would think I’m dumb. I regret for not sharing my thoughts with my dad (not that he would listen to me) when it came to any household decisions may be for painting the house or choosing my birthday outfit.
things to do before you turn 30


  1. Plan, Plan and Plan: you the one who is going to decide your future. So have a plan A, then Plan B and Plan C if required. I had n guidance at the initial stages, but then when I moved to Dubai, I was clear off what I want. I realized I don’t have anything that means a house of my own, no bank savings, no gold etc etc. These were my then dreams to have them. Now in my 30’s Im done with fulfilling the dreams that I had then dreamt, while some are ongoing.

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To sum up all the above pointers, I try to make up for things that I have missed. Few are ongoing, while few are a part of day to day life. Truth is after 30 life becomes busy, as you are bundled up with the real responsibilities juggling between, work, family and so many other responsibilities.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!

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