There is great buzz about friendship day. Colors of Friendship is the new color of life. It is a relationship, which is discovered by people themselves. Unlikely all other relationships, it is certainly a unique one. If you want to make your life better than ever before, you need to unveil the benefits of friendship. When you are with your friends, you can surely spend great time. You can share anything with them whether it is about your life, love, or any kind of hidden secrets. Its not that every person you meet can be a friend. It takes efforts, understanding, support, listening ability to be a friend.

I can proudly say from the zillion people I have met till now, few are very special, who are called my FRIENDS.. are the real COLOR OF FRIENDSHIP.

the Color of Friendship

the Color of Friendship

Know the Difference between Friendship and Friendliness

Yes, if you don’t want to repent on your decision, you need to know about differences between friendship and friendliness. Yes, there is huge difference between both. But unfortunately, most of the individuals assume that there is no difference between friendliness and friendship. You can be friendly with anyone, but you can be friend of only a few people in your life. You can meet friendly with anyone on road, but you can’t make them your friend. Obviously, friendliness is a kind of etiquette that helps you gaining social acceptance. On the other hand, friendship is a kind of emotional bond.

Trust Is the Key to Great Friendship 

It is another great point that you need to keep in mind when it comes to unveiling the benefits of friendship. Yes, if you don’t trust your friends, you aren’t supposed to enjoy the true friendship. If you meet someone who doesn’t trust your words, it means that he’s not friend. Here, you always need to remember one thing that friendship needs trust to be cultivated. It is trust that makes a special bond with someone who you didn’t know earlier. You can be friend of anyone if you can believe on them.

the Color of Friendship

the Color of Friendship

Friendship Knows No Bound

Yes, friendship is a relation that doesn’t know about caste, creed, religion, richness and poverty. It is a simple way of loving and caring someone in your life. Even you can find boys and girls as a friend. So, friendship doesn’t even care about gender bias. You can be friend of anyone whether he is a boy or girl. You can make friends and share your special moments in your life with them. Yes, friends are someone who can help you getting rid of bad situations. It is your friend who can help you motivating for the better in life even if you are facing the worse time of your life.

Stick thru thick and thin

Not always happiness is going to be around, but stay true to each situation. Be it happiness or sadness, take time to talk, share, discuss find solutions. Be there to be with your friends, in their beautiful or sad days. Life will be buzy everyday, its up to us to take time to be with your loved ones, the ones who don’t shame or make you feel guilty of.

the Color of Friendship

the Color of Friendship

You Are Lucky Enough If You Have Friends!

Yes, it is true that if you have friends, you are among the luckiest people around the world. Finding a true friend is certainly a tough task to accomplish. You can find friends only if you are lucky enough. It is a relationship that develops on its own. It is a natural process when you start trusting on someone unknown in your life. So, spread the color of friendship so that this world can be made a better place to live in.

the Color of Friendship

My Friends for life

Amazing quotes on Friendship:

Let go off – if they don’t suit you

Not everyone you meet would be willing to be a friend, can handle your behavior. Nor would you be ready for it. You don’t have to change anyone nor they should expect from you. Accepting the way you are, not taking every word of your’s seriously especially to next level, Just one way affection don’t work in any relationships, so friendship is not an exception. When you feel something’s are not working right just let go off, it might be better.

the Color of Friendship

the Color of Friendship

Well I would say take time and spend time with your besties, we do the below once in a while.

  1. Phone call each other whenever we are bored, or need to share a secret or surely for gossip.
  2. Travel any destination of your choice, I tried this and it was seriously a therapy that was just needed.
  3. Shop together, it would take hours of time to choose 1 outfit, but time spent is real fun time.
  4. Movie time or game time – either or both. Both are fun I can vouch for it. It doesn’t matter what the concept is, companion makes it worth.
  5. Don’t miss the free drinks nights. If not regular, once in awhile go out for free drink nights. Believe me sometimes free drinks are the best and worth than the paid ones. (I know sounds cheap, but it’s fun with friends)
  6. Keep Finances away, at least have some terms when it comes to Finances like all times 50 – 50 bills or anything that you are comfortable (unless you can afford and will never crib about).
  7. Never miss out on their birthdays or any special days. Even if you are travelling, far away, busy whatever situation it is, take few minutes to call or send a token to share their best day.
  8. Lastly, click selfies. Not just selfies, pictures. They are the memories for ever. When we are out together, phones are used only for clicking pictures.

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