Like Most people I’m the first one in the list who wants to lose weight without going to gym or by eating the food that i love. Based on various researches in terms of following various bloggers, Nutritionist or dietitians, here I am going to share my personal experience on this. I have tried, the below, well for various reasons could never continue for long. May be coz Food is divine for me. But it is nice to share the knowledge so here we go.
6 Pro Tips to Lose Weight without Affecting Health

1. Take more protein – Protein is the thing that can helps you in losing your extra weight. We all should take at least a meal of protein in our whole day. On the off chance that you at present have a grain-based breakfast, you might need to consider changing to a protein-rich feast, for example, eggs. Some examples of protein rich diets are – egg, fish, milk, meat, chicken, soya-bean, pulses, etc.

Protein rich foods

Protein rich foods

2. Eat fiber rich foods –Fiber rich foods are very healthy for our body and definitely it will help you in losing your extra weight. Thick fiber is just found in plant nourishments. Models incorporate beans, oat oats, Brussels grows, asparagus, oranges and flax seeds. A weight reduction supplement called glucomannan is additionally high in gooey fiber.



3. Chew food slowly – This is also a one of the best methods of losing your extra weight. Chewing food slowly helps in better and easily digestion of food. Quick eaters are likewise considerably more prone to be stout. To start eating all the more gradually, it might tally how frequently you bite each chew. So, every time try to finish your food slowly, take your time and finish your food. It will help you in losing extra weight.

Chew Food

chewing food

4. Drink more water – Drinking more water is very helpful in losing your weight. If you drink water exactly before eating your food then you will be able to lose weight. More water means less eating of food. Members who drank water before a dinner lost 44% more weight over a 12-week time span contrasted with the individuals who did not. On the off chance that you supplant calorie-stacked beverages —, for example, soft drink or squeeze — with water, you may encounter a considerably more prominent impact.

Drink More Water

5. Take good quality sleep -With regards to wellbeing, individuals frequently disregard rest and stress. Both, truth be told, affect your craving and weight. An absence of rest may upset the hunger directing hormones leptin and ghrelin. Another hormone, cortisol, winds up raised when you’re focused. Having these hormones vary can build your appetite and yearnings for unfortunate nourishment, prompting higher calorie admission. In addition, interminable lack of sleep and stress may expand your danger of a few ailments, including type 2 diabetes and corpulence.

Sleep well

Apart from above, there needs to be routine followed, drinking lots of water, Portion control, watch your calories, staying positive is a must.

well Surely, losing weight is a true challenge, but we have quite many who have succeeded, whom i get the motivation from. But i know my weakness as well. Working on it, hopefully to surely will make up my mind for a long term goal and achieve the weight i desired.

Till then you guys share your thoughts and weight loss or weight maintained journey.

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Yours Truly,

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