As 2020 is coming closer, most people, especially homeowners and builders, are magnetized by what interior design trends this much-awaited year will bring with itself. It will be quite interesting to see what changes we will see in this industry and how many of them you would like to fit in your home remodeling, renovation, or construction plans.

Let’s take a peek at what 2020 has in its pocket for the interior designing sector.

  1. Wall Paneling – While the trend of wall paneling is already in trend in 2019, its popularity will touch new heights in 2020. In fact, wall paneling is a cost-effective design solution that adds to your space a wow-effect. Wondering which part of your home this new trend can enhance? Try adding wall paneling to your bedhead wall and see how wonderful it makes your bedroom without investing a large budget.
  2. Feminine Figures – More feminine silhouettes will be seen in 2020, according to renowned interior stylist, Steve Cordony. Consider mounting softer and curvier shapes when it comes to interior decor and furnishings as they make a great impact and contrast perfectly with materials like brass and concrete. Whether you are choosing vases or floor lamps, team up some stunning feminine figures with bold and raw finishes.
  3. Nature Element – In 2020, nature elements will be more evident in interior design. Even now, adding greenery to commercial and residential projects is being considered on a serious note to fight with pollution, make the surroundings more vibrant and appealing, and connect with Mother Nature. Furniture, finishes, and objects that involve the natural elements are purely adorable and helps in creating a positive aura. So, opt for timber and stones and take a stroll to forage for fallen palms, leaves, and branches in creative ways.
  4. Terrazzo – Undoubtedly, terrazzo has been in use in the industry for a few years but in 2020, it is going to get special attention from interior designers and architects. It is a great flooring option to add texture and interest to an ordinary space whether it is a bathroom or a kitchen.
  5. Earthy Textures – You may have noticed that organic and earthy textures are continuously dominating the color palettes of interior decor and 2020 is going to be more organic. Complement your feminine figures with furniture pieces or soft furnishings in textured fabrics such as wool, felt or tweed.
  6. Handmade DecorMost probably, you have heard that imperfections make things more beautiful. If you don’t already follow it, 2020 offers you the opportunity to incorporate and admire the beauty and imperfections in handmade creations. Plus, handmade things are bespoke items that have a special place. So, open your heart and embrace the imperfect and organic shapes.
  7. Fluted Glass – Those who still haven’t got familiar with the fluted glass will see it in abundance in the upcoming year. Fluted glass is a panel of glass with vertical grooves and sometimes also known as textured glass, privacy glass, or ribbed glass. It is going to be used in several items right from shower screens to general room dividers to joinery in the kitchen cabinets.So, which trend you are going to follow in your place? Plan sooner and be a pioneer of what is going to prevail everywhere the next year in interior decor.Must Read: Room Divider Gives You an Extra Room for Much Less