Top Tips To Hire Candidates

  1. Find Someone With Proven Commitment

Any individual that has shown a commitment to their career is one that you should be considering hiring. You don’t want to hire someone who is a job hopper. Hiring someone who switches careers frequently isn’t a good long-term hire. If you find an employee that is likely to be loyal to your company, hiring them is likely to be beneficial for your company.

To do this, you will want to check the candidate’s previous employment records. You should be able to easily tell if they are switching jobs often. If they are, you should eliminate them from consideration.

  1. Test For Learning and Analytical Skills

When you are looking for a good hire, you should be using different tactics to assess their learning and analytical skills. While this could get a little bit tricky, it’s worth doing. You don’t want to solely use a candidate’s resume as a means to hire an individual because they could be making things up.

While finding a candidate that has a high level of confidence will be good, you want to identify someone that has the right skills and analytical prowess. While finding someone with a lot of confidence is positive, you need someone who is the right fit for the job based on their education and analytical capabilities.

  1. Check For Compatibility

You want to find a candidate that is going to be fully compatible with the culture of your company. Thus, you should be checking whether or not they have the social skills needed to get along with one another. This is especially true when you are talking about the managers and current employees at your company. Try to ask how they are currently managing business clients to get a feel for the level of compatibility they would have.

  1. Improve Your Hiring Process

The fact is, you aren’t going to be able to hire the best candidates if you aren’t constantly looking to improve your processes behind hiring. You need to be constantly looking to make improvements to the process. Attrax take a look at the best applicant tracking systems.

Rather than asking questions you deem to be ‘magic bullets’ or questions that are irrelevant, you want to focus on getting to know everything about the candidate. You should be looking to pose questions that guide you to their education level, knowledge, skills, and confidence. Thus, when you are advertising job vacancies, you should be looking to list all of the job requirements you would have. This list should be comprehensive and it should include everything from the responsibilities of the job, requisite education level, skills, and more. That way, you can have a better time evaluating the applicants to ensure they meet everything.

  1. Hire Interns

While some may disagree, this is a good way to hire the right candidate for your company. Hiring interns will give you the ability to test out the employee before making a long-term decision. You will know what their weakness and strengths are and you can get a good feel for the culture-fit. You’ve already done the due diligence in picking the different interns, you should consider hiring from your intern pool if they meet the criteria.


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