Ari Poori (rice Poori)

This sounds to be a basic recipe, but trying something different from the comfort zone, is a challenge.


1 cup of raw rice / Pachari

½ cup grated coconut

1 cup Maida

1 cup Rava (semolina)

Salt to taste

Water as required (use slightly warm water)

Oil for frying


1.    Soak the rice in water for 3 -4 hrs, grind it adding required water + grated coconut + salt.

2.    Mix this paste with Maida and Rava and knead well to a smooth dough.

3.    Divide the prepared dough into small balls and prepare poori using a pathiri press.

Pooris should always be round

4. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the poori’s on both sides.

Fry it.. fluffy

This recipe Can be served with any yummy curries of your choice.

  • Thank you, Shaheen, for your support…. looking forward to more recipes!!!

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