A Common Misbelief

People think Valentine’s Day is just meant for your partner or spouse. But this is not true; valentine’s Day is for all the people whom you love and care about. Valentine itself means the one you love, and it can be anyone your parents, your family members, your friends, and relatives. Love is like an endless river, and You can never measure its extent. It has limitless boundaries. Valentine’s Day is a day to make all your loved ones feel special.

An Unintentional Taken-For Granted Scenario

We, as human beings, take our most essential relationships for-granted sometimes. This is not an intentional act. Just Because we get so much love and affection from some relations that we think we do not need to put much effort into it.

We think that no matter how we behave and react, our relation will remain intact. This perception, to some extent, is true. We won’t lose our parents even if we are not in the best behavior with them. But the shine of the relationship gets vanished somewhere.

For example, your parents care so much for you, but if you are putting no efforts into that relationship, it will not lead to a prosperous one in the future. A sweet gesture is required not in a relationship with a spouse or girlfriend /boyfriend but every relationship.

  A Different Meaning of Valentines This Time

We can also celebrate Valentine’s Day with our parents, who brought us into this beautiful world and love us selflessly. With our friends who are always there with us unconditionally and support us in every situation.

With our family members who give us the warmth and affection that we need. Why not celebrate Valentine differently this time!? Don’t you think they are also your real relations, which should be given the care and attention which they deserve?

Either you are dating someone or not, you should always give importance to your other relationships as well.

Why Are Some People Still Single?

Are you still single? There is nothing wrong with it because sooner or later you will definitely find a suitable partner so enjoy your life till then. There can be various reasons for you being single.

  • We all have a predefined destiny, but our paths differ. Some people find their true love very early in life, and for some, it takes time. It does not mean that single people do not deserve to be loved. It is just about destiny. Some people find true love later in their life. Nobody is destined to be single.
  • You might be single because you did not get a lovable and genuine partner to date, or maybe you have not yet found what you need in a partner. Do not worry. Life is a long journey, and you will definitely find what you desire for.
  • Sometimes our expectations are so high that we are not able to find a partner that easily. Expectations have to be kept at a neutral level; we should not be very high or very low.
  • The most obvious reason for you being single is that you are not ready for a relationship yet. It would help if your loneliness triggered you, but you are not prepared to commit.
  • You might be single because you are not willing to compromise your freedom for anyone else. There is a difference between single life and active life. Restrictions are naturally imposed on you in a committed relationship, and nobody else imposes it on you.
  • Every relationship requires some adjustment, and your unwillingness to adjust right now may be a reason for you being single.

A New Way to Celebrate Valentines

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can always celebrate Valentine’s Day with your parents, your family members, and your friends. Here we suggest Valentines for Singles

How to celebrate Valentines for singles:

  • Hang out with your friends. Go to your favorite cafeteria or a disc. Sing, dance, and enjoy to the fullest extent possible. You do not have to be conscious of whether someone is watching you or not.
  • Go on a dinner date with your parents this time. You will definitely experience a different feeling which will soothe you from inside. The happiness on the faces of parents will be the best Valentine gift for you. They have done so much for you. Don’t you think you should do a bit with them?
  • Take your grandparents to a park for a walk. Hold their hands and enjoy the fresh air and the greenery of the park with them. They will feel so good that they will shower all their blessings upon you.
  • Go out shopping with your best friend. Explore different outfits and footwear. Giggle around and have fun. Your best friend won’t get the impression if you are trying different things.
  • Visit a Gurudwara, a Temple, a Mosque, or a Church with your family members. These are all heavenly places, and you will get a peaceful feeling by visiting them.
  • Go out for a movie with your parents. You must have watched movies with your friends and partners. Why not a movie with your parents this time? Make them your friends and try to enjoy their company.
  • Try to do something new. Clean your house and decorate it with different flowers. A clean environment gives you a positive feeling.
  • Some people might find it boring, but you can also visit a museum and learn about the historical monuments around us. Once you do it, you will find it very interesting.
  • If you are living at a place where you have a beach or a lake around, you can go with your parents or friends and enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Sitting at home and merely having a healthy discussion with your family members on a topic is also an amazing thing to do.
    Valentines for singles

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Valentine’s Day Has a Deeper Meaning Apart from What We All Know

Valentine’s Day is not just a couple’s Day out. It does not mean that you have to express your feeling towards your partner, but it is a day to express your emotions towards all the people you love and care for. Your parents, family members, and friends deserve your love as much as your partner does. All these relations have been there with you much before your partner came into your life. Love your partner as well as your parents, family members, and friends. Ego won’t let you lead a great life. Be humble and honest that’s what a relationship needs the most.

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